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By BeWell

PRICE: €159

Aspiring Yoga Teachers...

Some people spend a long time dreaming of living their life in line with their wellness passions.

 Getting out there to teach.

 Inspiring others with what a joy it is

😊 to breathe

😊 to move

😊 and to simply 'be'.

In some cases Yoga has inspired and changed their life.

Perhaps a 200 Hours YTT has been on their mind  for quite a while...

but they never quite took that leap of faith...


Perhaps they are still unsure if they are really ready to take their yoga practice to the next level...

We know it's a really big decision to take on a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

We also know it's a very expensive investment ..making it difficult to gift to your loved ones at Christmas.



That's why we've made a super affordable, impactful, very 'giftable' and cleverly structured


25 Hours Yoga Teacher Training 

Taster Course

for aspiring Yoga Teachers.


 This 25 hour course is 100% online, so it can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

 Enjoy a  trialed and tested blended-learning experience with optional live  sessions and pre-recorded materials. Enjoy hours of posture clinics, asana practices, video assignments, group coaching, and feedback to help you understand what a yoga teacher training really entails,


By the end of the course, you'll have a solid understanding of whether or not a yoga teacher training is the right next step for you.

And if you do decide to go on to participate in our 200 hours teacher training program, we'll deduct the cost  and the hours of this 25 hours taster course off your 200 Hours YTT course. 



1 x Live Session

Join our existing Yoga Teacher Trainees for one of their 4x Hours Live Sessions 

See what happens on a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Live Session

Meet others for

  • meditation sangha

  • pranayama sangha

  • teacher trainee focused yoga class

  • teaching Practise or posture Clinic

Who is this course for:

You are curious about what it feels like to deep dive into  Yoga from a teaching or yoga teacher training  perspective. The idea of  deepening your own personal knowledge of a handful of movements and postures is exciting.

You are not quite sure if Yoga Teaching is for you but you would like to dip your toes into something bite-size to at least explore!

You are unsure or indeed skeptical about the impact and effectiveness of online learning.  Investing in a 200 Hours Program is too big of a risk without understanding if online learning is for you.  25 hours however is affordable and manageable as a test run.

You are a graduated Yoga Teacher but you feel you didn't have adequate training just yet to teach. You are considering another 200 Hours with a primary focus on practical rather than theory.  This is an affordable test run to suss BeWell out...

You are releasing your attachment to attending Yoga in studios and cultivating an at home practise. You want a short course to understand how to approach a home based practise and test if this is something you can get into.



Untitled design copy 17.png

10 hours of pre-recorded videos

Intention Setting Ceremony

The Bandhas

Sun Salutations

The Vinyasa

Basic Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)


Theory, Reading, Introspection and Writing Exercises


The Bandhas


3.5 hour LIVE guided session

Guided Meditation

Guided Pranayama

Guided Short Asana Class

Info Session,  Alignment review & Teaching Practice review


Start today! Work through the course in your own time.

From the moment the course is booked, we can organise your access to the materials to begin immediately. Or you can decide to begin on a future date of your choice.

Live Teaching Practise Session:

During the 25 hours taster course, for your 4 hours live session you will be invited to join the actual 200 Hours group of trainees for your taster session. Details below.

Course Duration: 25 hours with a 4 hour LIVE session. See dates:

Untitled design copy 7.png

Upcoming Live Session 2021 Dates

Tuesday 15th February 2021  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 19th February 2021  //  12.30pm - 16.30pm


I might want to join the next 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program. How does this course work if I want to 'bridge' over?

You have right up to the day before the course to think about if you want to use your 25 hours 'credit' and opt in to the full 200 Hours yoga Teacher Training Course.


If you don't opt in, no problem!


If you do opt in we will deduct the €159 from your 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course fee and count your 25 hours as 'completed' from your overall 200 hours course.

Ready to get started?

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