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Our brand new studio in Longford, Ireland opens as soon as restrictions lift!

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Anita began her wellness journey back in 2005 when after a long period of bad health, she was invited to partake in a reiki healing session.  Valerie Meikle, the woman who treated her, had been practising energy healing around the world for many years and had a profound effect on Anita's life journey.


Valerie trained Anita as a Reiki practitioner and she has used this gentle but effective energy healing  technique to very positive effect many times over the years. Since then, Anita has broadened her practise and trained in bio-energy healing, reiki for animals, crystal healing and even a bit of angel card reading!

Catch Anita @ BeWell Longford for bi-weekly Reiki sessions

  • Saturday afternoons




Anita’s Reiki sessions are approximately one hour. They are usually performed on a client who is fully reclined comfortably on a massage table.  If a client has mobility issues the session can be performed with the client sitting comfortably in a chair. Unlike a massage session, clients are fully clothed during the session and comfortable clothing is advised
Anita’s hands will not actually touch you during the session but will be a few inches above your body. There are standard hand placements beginning at the head and ending at the feet, avoiding all sensitive body parts. During the session clients usually feel a sense of peace and relaxation. Many people fall asleep during the session. This is fine and often helps Reiki work more intensely, there is no " right " way to feel during a session. Reiki will do its work regardless.You may feel slight tingling, heat or energy, or… nothing at all -this is ok too! The Reiki experience is different for all clients. Reiki can be a one-off session or a series.

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