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Beginners Yoga

Fridays 18.15-19.15

What is Yoga

So often misunderstood.... Yoga is a life science. An Ancient wellbeing and spiritual lifestyle practise developed in India and passed down through generations. Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not only the 'movement' element we see practised in gyms and studios worldwide. The movement element of Yoga is just '1/8' of what Yoga is made up of. Other elements are breath-work, meditation, lifestyle guidelines, ethics...and more... It's important to know that Yoga has many styles, many speeds and varying techniques... At BeWell we suggest that the practitioner first understands their goal for their Yoga practise...then chooses the Yoga style to compliment that goal.... If you don't know where to start, we are here to help. Reach out and we can schedule a call or chat to guide you....

Beginners Yoga- with Miriam Fridays 18.15 - 19.15pm

Calling all newbies to yoga or if you’ve not stepped on the mat in a while and want to ease back into your practice. Beginners yoga is the perfect place to start off as you move through a series of slow & steady postures to open up the body and relax the mind...

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Add ons

One to One Sessions 

While we do our best to support you with your individual alignment, we cannot always give 100% one to one attention in group sessions.

If you would like to work through each Yoga movement one to one with an instructor and have feedback on how to perform each movement for your unique body type, we are available for one to one sessions.

At one to one sessions we discuss your goal, your unique body, your key areas for strength and stretch and set up a little plan for you

In Studio In Person one to one Yoga


  • One to One Yoga Session @ BeWell Studio x 60Mins

  • Goal setting discussion

  • Easy Plan

  • Investment: €80euro

click to book here

Digital Online One to One Yoga


Digital review of alignment within Yoga movements via video and feedback

Goal setting discussion

Easy Plan

Investment: €60euro

click to book here

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