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the perfect  gift for the aspiring yogi in your life!

Have you always dreamed of starting yoga but never quite had the courage to go to a class?

Well we've made this course just for you!


This online course will gracefully guide you into the world of yoga.

During the course, we introduce you to multiple styles of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and yogic philosophy so that you'll be  prepared and confident using Yoga both on  and off the mat!

You won't need any equipment - a yoga mat is useful (though not essential!) and our pre-recorded videos can be streamed straight from your phone or laptop. We've even made some mp3s and podcasts so that you can listen on the go. Forget additional screentime!  Learn about yoga whilst out in the fresh air enjoying a nice winter walk!

In January, you are invited to join us for 6x live online yoga classes, which offer an opportunity to practice with a group and meet likeminded people.


We also recommend this as a great gift to any aspiring yogis in your life!

It makes a perfect combo with one of our yoga equipment gift sets!

So, are you ready to start your yoga journey?

 Or are you ready to give the gift of yoga to someone you love?

100% online

Follow along with your laptop or phone from the comfort of your own home.

Option to join in on some of the BeWell live online classes in January to practice with a group and meet likeminded people.

Take your classes wherever you want them - pop in your headphones, get outside and follow along with our mp3s about Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

Understand holistic wellness: dive deep into all areas of yoga  - not just movement!

All Levels welcome!  A great gift for parents, children, siblings, grandparents and friends!

PRICE: €159

Your LIVE CLASSES teacher: Trish

Yoga makes me happy.  I’ve been practising for 15 years. When I first got into yoga, I was very much led by the physical element. Yay, let’s be a kid again and get upside down!


When I did my 200-hours teacher training, the shift was huge from just the physical side to something much deeper.

The yoga postures are only one eight of the yoga picture, who’d have known!


I want to introduce people to yoga, not only the physical side of yoga and the benefits that brings in terms of flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health but also to share my knowledge on the power of breath-work and meditation. Every class starts with breath-work to calm and centre us for the practise ahead and each class ends with a beautiful relaxation.


I believe anybody and quite literally any body can do yoga. We leave our egos and any comparisons at the door and allow some playfulness into our practise in a safe and welcoming environment.


Feel what it’s like to stretch deeply, to breathe deeply and for an hour, to be truly present for no-one else but yourself.



Enjoy 6x Hours of Live Yoga Classes Online 

Join Trish in January  & February for 6 x hours of Live Online Yoga Classes. Trish will deliver a series of gentle, regular and stronger Vinyasa Flow inspired Yoga Classes for beginners. Dates are coming very soon, but if you can't join in person, we'll record them for you so you can join in your own time.

No matter what your level or ability there's something for everyone. 


Learn the Science behind Yoga

Forget jumping into the back of a random style advanced Yoga class and hoping to learning Yoga by copying others.


Let's start with the basics. We want you to enjoy a solid foundation. Before you even begin to move, let us explain what we do and why we do it!


Enjoy pre-recorded theory videos where we explain

  • the name of the posture

  • how it's performed

  • the benefits of the posture (physical/mental/energetic)

  •  things to be mindful of when performing the posture


Understand the Styles of Yoga

Because there are so many different styles of Yoga with such a range of specific goals, it's safe to say one style of yoga does not fit  everyone's needs and requirements.

Our pre-recorded Theory Videos walk you through multiple styles of Yoga. Each with different goals and outcomes for the practitioner...

  • Vinyasa Flow Style Theory

  • Classic Hatha Style Yoga Theory

  • Yin Yoga Style Theory

There's something there for everyone

*Expect 3x Theory Videos of approx 40mins each



Start Moving!

Now that you know the basics and understand why we do what we do, it's time to move...

Enjoy 3x pre-recorded practise videos moving through the exact same postures you covered in the theory videos.

What a joy to know why you are doing what you are doing and how to do it safely for your body!


Take yoga with you wherever you go!

Let's face it, we are all a bit tired of looking at the screen all day.

Now that you have watched the pre-recoded videos and seen how to practise yoga, let's take it a step further...

Pop in your earphones and follow 3x prerecorded MP3 practise sessions. These 'Yoga Bud' Sessions are best enjoyed using earbuds.


We use additional vocal  instructions so you can enjoy moving through the postures without straining to see the screen...

This way you can 'feel' the postures in your body rather than copy someone else...


Yoga Off The Mat

Did you know that the actual 'movement' part of Yoga is only 1/8 of what Yoga really is? There is so so much more to Yoga such as Meditation, Breath Work, Philosophy, Energy Work and the list goes on...

We're here to introduce you to world of Yoga Off The Mat

Pop in your earphones and enjoy the following podcasts

  • An introduction to the world of Yoga for beginners

  • Yoga Styles - And which one to choose for you

  • Yang and Yin Energy - And why it's important for all of us

  • Meditation - is not what you think!

  • How to begin a daily meditation practise

  • 4xGuided Meditations

  • What is Pranayama?

  • How to begin a daily pranayama practise

  • 2xGuided Pranayama exercises

Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 15.47.38.png
A message from miriam - lead trainer and owner of bewell yoga
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 12.20.34.png

So many factors can peak our interest in trying out Yoga...

A suggestion from the doctor or physio because of an injury

A suggestion from the counsellor due to poor mental health

A suggestion from a sports coach to assist with training recovery 

A friend who insists Yoga has changed their life and you really should try

Perhaps you've heard that Yoga will transform your body & mind,

Perhaps you are inspired by the people you typically see in Yoga Marketing and the lifestyle they portray.

Just like you, over 9 years ago...I began my own exploration of Yoga.

 In my youthful naivity,  I thought Yoga was fashionable.

I thought I would become toned and flexible with a beach body to die for. I thought by practising Yoga I would meditate on hilltops, hang out in exotic beach towns  sipping green smoothies, and be forever chilled out and amazing.

How wrong I was!

But how lucky I was to begin that journey...

At the time:

​❌ I constantly woke up tired.

❌ I dreaded the week ahead.

❌ I didn't know how I would physically get the energy to get through everything on my to do list.(work and personal)

❌ A lot of conversations were draining.

❌ I had no time to shop, cook and eat healthy.

❌ I had no time.

❌ There was never time!I felt nervous and didn't know how to manage my nervousness.

❌ I was always 'pushing' towards the end of the project,  the end of the day, the end of the week, the next promotion...

❌ I never checked in with my breath nor did I know how to...

❌ I did meditation but I really didn't know how it worked...

❌ I fell into every 'wellness' marketing trap in the book looking for a way to relax at the weekends and on my limited time off.

❌ I wasted a lot of money falling into these wellness marketing traps!

❌ I was in 'fight or flight' mode for easily 99% of my life for about 6 years...

❌ I didn't know what 'fight or flight' mode was or that I could choose to be in another mode...

​Little did I know Yoga would be the answer to all of these issues.


Yoga, these days, is delivered in such a way that it's so complicated to get an 'overview'.  People's typical experience of Yoga is primarily down to the first Yoga Class they go to.  Sometimes this works out well and the Yoga journey continues for that person. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people...


I regularly hear people say they have tried Yoga but they didn't like it. It was too hard. Too easy. Too strong. Too slow.


Just like music, there are so so many styles of Yoga. Yoga teachers are human. This means they bring their characteristics into their teaching. 

Not liking Yoga because of one class, once experience  or one teacher is the equivalent of listening to one song and deciding not to like music. 


It took me 9 years, multiple wellness courses, retreats, gurus, teachers, yoga schools, wellness trips, wellness books, 100s of hours of yoga teacher training courses and 1000s of hours of teaching yoga students for me to arrive at my understanding of Yoga. 

These days


✅ I have so much more energy

✅ I look forward to not just the week ahead, but the whole year!

✅ I'm able to achieve so much with my work and personal life that I would have struggled with in the past. 

✅ My conversations are engaging and uplifting 

✅ I have more time to focus on my personal health, and I have made it a priority in my life.

✅ I have the tools I need to deal with anxieties that may arise, facing them as and when they come, accepting them as a natural part of life, and gently and gracefully letting them go without judgement.

✅ I am in touch with my breath and use it to both assess my emotions and control them.

✅ I meditate regularly and love it!

✅ I'm no longer in fight or flight mode

✅ I have control over my thoughts and my life.

The purpose of this course is to give you a good overview of Yoga.

Both the theory and the practise.

To save you the years of  searching for Yoga that works for you...

In this course we will explore

🌟 Multiple styles of Yoga and what we use them for

🌟 Multiple styles of Meditation and what we use them for

🌟 Multiple styles of breath work and what we use them for

The course contains pre-recorded theory videos, pre-recorded theory mp3s to listen to on the go, prerecorded practise videos and optional live online Yoga classes in January.

I hope you will give it a try and I hope Yoga will be as impactful in your life as it has been in mine.

Be Safe & BeWell


Who is this course for:

You can relate to Miriam's story above and want to take charge of your energy levels, time and overall health and wellness