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By BeWell

the perfect  gift for the aspiring yogi in your life!

Have you always dreamed of starting yoga but never quite had the courage to go to a class?

Well we've made this course just for you!


This online course will gracefully guide you into the world of yoga.

During the course, we introduce you to multiple styles of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and yogic philosophy so that you'll be  prepared and confident using Yoga both on  and off the mat!

You won't need any equipment - a yoga mat is useful (though not essential!) and our pre-recorded videos can be streamed straight from your phone or laptop. We've even made some mp3s and podcasts so that you can listen on the go. Forget additional screentime!  Learn about yoga whilst out in the fresh air enjoying a nice winter walk!

In January, you are invited to join us for 6x live online yoga classes, which offer an opportunity to practice with a group and meet likeminded people.


We also recommend this as a great gift to any aspiring yogis in your life!

It makes a perfect combo with one of our yoga equipment gift sets!

So, are you ready to start your yoga journey?

 Or are you ready to give the gift of yoga to someone you love?

100% online

Follow along with your laptop or phone from the comfort of your own home.

Option to join in on some of the BeWell live online classes in January to practice with a group and meet likeminded people.

Take your classes wherever you want them - pop in your headphones, get outside and follow along with our mp3s about Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

Understand holistic wellness: dive deep into all areas of yoga  - not just movement!

All Levels welcome!  A great gift for parents, children, siblings, grandparents and friends!

PRICE: €159

Your LIVE CLASSES teacher: Trish

Yoga makes me happy.  I’ve been practising for 15 years. When I first got into yoga, I was very much led by the physical element. Yay, let’s be a kid again and get upside down!


When I did my 200-hours teacher training, the shift was huge from just the physical side to something much deeper.

The yoga postures are only one eight of the yoga picture, who’d have known!


I want to introduce people to yoga, not only the physical side of yoga and the benefits that brings in terms of flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health but also to share my knowledge on the power of breath-work and meditation. Every class starts with breath-work to calm and centre us for the practise ahead and each class ends with a beautiful relaxation.


I believe anybody and quite literally any body can do yoga. We leave our egos and any comparisons at the door and allow some playfulness into our practise in a safe and welcoming environment.


Feel what it’s like to stretch deeply, to breathe deeply and for an hour, to be truly present for no-one else but yourself.