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Cacao Ceremony

by Niamh 


Ceremonial Cacao & Restorative/Nidra Yoga Experience

Friday 26th January 19.00-21.00pm

@ BeWell Roscommon, The Peelo School of Dance


Prepaid Booking Required

Limited Spaces


What is Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao Ceremony has been growing in popularity in recent years within Holistic Circles.

To better understand Cacao Ceremony, we first need to understand what is the material we are working with and what importance does it have?

Cacao is indeed where chocolate comes from. The commercialised industrialised bars of chocolate we see on our supermarket shelves are all created using the Cacao bean.

However, commercial chocolate as we know it (whether it comes in a bar form or drinking chocolate form) is packed with milk, sugar and fats.

As with anything, processing removes all goodness.

Ceremonial Cacao, used in Cacao ceremony, comes specifically from the Criollo bean and is completely different to the above.

This is 100% cacao straight from the bean.

Think unflavoured cacao without any additives. Pure ground cacao bean. Solidifed.

This is what is worked with for the preparation of cacao for cacao ceremony.

Historically, Ceremonial Cacao has been used throughout the ages in ceremony and ritual.

Ancient tribes of South America such as the Aztecs an Mayan's used cacao not only as a means of payment but also in ceremony believing in it's divine origins and supernatural properties.

In modern times, here in the west, Cacao is presented during Cacao Ceremony.

Cacao Ceremonies differ facilitator to facilitator:

Facilitator: (someone specifically trained in how to deliver Cacao Ceremony)

Some ceremonies involve simply the mindful drinking of the cacao through a guided meditation followed by guided rest.

Other ceremonies involve the mindful drinking of the cacao followed by yogic movements and/or strong tribal dancing...

It really. can vary and depends on the facilitators background, training and preferences.

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Pic by Solas Circle

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Pic by Solas Circle


Here at BeWell, we are blessed to host Niamh H of Solas Circle.

Niamh's circles are gentle, inclusive, warm and welcoming.


  • guided mindfulness exercises in the drinking of the cacao

  • optional slow gentle movements * note no movement is required if not desired

  • connection with the group and inner connection with oneself

  • sharing circles and discussions

  •  thought provoking seasonally inspired rituals

Cacao ceremony is held as a sacred space to encourage flowing energies

Those who lean towards a more mystical approach to Cacao Ceremony believe cacao to be a spirit within itself....

❥A powerful plant medicine

❥Used to release trauma

❥Honoured to embrace healing

From a science based perspective Ceremonial cacao is packed full of






and  most importantly...magnesium.

All of which contribute to cardiovascular health.

Cacao can trigger the release  of dopamine and the endorphin phenylethylamine.

Both of the above soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, anxiety + depression.

*Half dosages can be prepared for prenatal clients

*Not recommended for those taking anti-depressants which contain SSRIs

*Cacao contains a little caffeine

*It is possible to instead opt for a delicious Rose herbal tea prepped by Niamh discreetly and without having to let anyone (or us) know why!

Our Facilitator

Hello there,

Is mise Niamh.

I am a Trainee Psychotherapist, Women's Circle Facilitator, and Yoga Teacher.


Within the spaces I hold, our intention tends to be about connecting with the sincere essence and truth of our heart.


These spaces invite an earnest surrender to love. Within these spaces, we are invited to come into genuine and loving presence with ourselves, our heart, our body, our nervous system and mind.


This work invites us to soften, to move away from self-criticism and to grow towards deeper self-compassion and love for all of ourselves. 

Pic by Solas Circle



From a rested, open and warm heart, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join our upcoming Ceremonial Cacao Circle. Our Ceremonial Cacao Circle is an invitation to centre into and explore the tenderness and truth of our heart.


As Ceremonial Cacao holds a deep affinity with the heart, we create this space to allow more authentic love, respect and acknowledgement of our heart.  We can meet a reverent rawness, an exquisite tenderness, an unwavering wildness rise within our hearts, body and beings. Within this space we can come into deeper and more loving awareness.


Our Ceremony will be comprised of


Oscail do Chroí / Open your Heart Meditation

Ceremony with Cacao

Gentle Movement

Sharing Circle

Releasing the Petals 

Optional Water Immersion


Everything within this space is an invitation- nothing is an obligation. There is an acknowledgment that all of our life paths are different in many ways - and what feels resourcing for each woman's body, nervous system, heart will be different. Please know you are fully supported to do what is resourcing, supportive and helpful for you.


All questions are so important & welcome....


Ceremonial Cacao & Restorative/Nidra Yoga Experience

Friday 26th January 19.00-21.00pm

@ BeWell Roscommon, The Peelo School of Dance


Prepaid Booking Required

Limited Spaces



Niamh is available for private group bookings.

Personalised Group Cacao Ceremonies can be a beautiful option for

  • healthy/holistic hen gatherings

  •  birthday parties


  • friend reunions

For private bookings, get in touch on +353 85 285 5041

Pic by Solas Circle

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