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Our brand new studio in Longford, Ireland opens as soon as restrictions lift!

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Born in Scotland to a Norwegian mother and Scottish father, Caroline now calls Ireland home. Raised in and around the wild mountains and lochs of Scotland she grew up with a love and understanding of the deep connections between people and nature. 

Caroline was drawn to Yoga after facing surgery for a spinal injury. Yoga not only helped create a space to heal physically, but also offering an opening to reconnect the body and mind, laying a Yogic path towards a deeper, more balanced way of life.

Having worked in education for over 15 years with children and young adults Caroline understands the importance of helping children and teenagers to develop a yoga and mindfulness practice, now more than ever they need tools to find calm and peace in these increasingly challenging times. 

Caroline is currently studying for a Masters in Exercise Physiology and its effect in Therapy at NUI Galway. She is looking forward to being able to offer Therapeutic Yoga to clients living with chronic health conditions and those recovering from injury. 

Catch Caroline @ BeWell Longford for weekly Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Classes

  • Early Tuesday Morning

                                                     For weekly Beginners Vinyasa Flow         

  •   Tuesday Morning ​                           


                                                                    For Mellow Yin Yoga     

  • Tuesday Morning                     


                                                                 For Kids Yoga (8-12 years)

  • Wednesday afternoon


                                                                For Teens Yoga (13+ Years)

  • Wednesday afternoon

Kids yoga

A child centered approach to Yoga – forging a harmonious relationship between curious minds and active bodies.

Create space to bend, stretch and grow in strength of mind and body. Develop skills to help find peace within and build life skills to help find calm as encounter daily challenges.

 Each week Caroline blends a physical yoga practice with fun yoga games and mindful meditation practices. The class begins with a Short grounding practice, followed by physical Yoga practice, games and conclude with a mindfulness or meditation session.

Yoga poses are playful and aimed at sparking the imagination - exploration of animal poses and shapes lend some fun and help to build strength and increase flexibility.

Time is also spent on breathing techniques – the purpose of which is to help calm the mind and body, along with improving concentration and focus.

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teen yoga

A great way to shake off that after school feeling. Now, more than ever our young people need tools to help them find peace within themselves and their surroundings as they interact with increasingly challenging daily experiences.

More similar to adult yoga, students will be encouraged to listen and connect with their bodies. Through modifications and variations there is a place for all teens- from those looking to improve physical fitness to those looking to find ways to balance the stresses of teen life.

Each class will have a focus, but will be structured around movement through sequencing, mindfulness and connection to the breath and relaxation.

Classes are developed to build self- esteem and care of self is encouraged and respectfully discussed

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Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Are you are looking for a faster moving and more physically challenging class?

Dynamic vinyasa yoga involves the use of the breath to initiate the pose and keeps the mind focused as you transition smoothly from one pose to the next.

Classes focus on specific muscle groups and are suited to those who have practiced yoga before or are looking at building strength and fitness.

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Mellow Yin Yoga

Do you need to slow down and work deeper into the connective tissues, ligaments and joints of the body? Common issues that many people face include tension in shoulders and tightness in hips. This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice helps lengthen and revitalize tight tissues and calms overactive minds.

 Classes focus on the breath during longer held postures. Movements are mindful and minimal enabling you to ground and relax.

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beginners vinyasa flow

Are you Curious about Yoga, but unsure where to start?                                                                                   This class is perfect for beginners or those looking for a slower paced flow. Clear instruction with a focus on correct alignment helps build your confidence in each pose of the flow and also helps prevent injury.                                                                                                                                                        Classes will build on the foundations of vinyasa and you will soon have a practice that aligns a flowing movement with the breath, building flexibility and stamina.

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