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In light of classes in-person not being possible for everyone for the moment,  we will be supporting our BeWell Yoga Community by offering complimentary online Yoga sessions on Fridays (as Christmas day and New Years day fall on Fridays, on these days we will switch to Thursdays)


We will also be offering complimentary videos, mp3s, and informational materials to both deepen your knowledge of yoga and to encourage your ongoing practise.

We are each unique and require unique Yoga techniques to bring us back to balance.

Feel welcome to share with us what you are feeling during this time, and what you would like support with.


That way we can ensure the classes and materials we share support our community.

Drop us a line at

We look forward to sharing the gift of Yoga with you

as we transition from Autumn to Winter

Friday 18th December GMT(Dublin Time)
10.00-10.30 //Greetings & Guided Meditation
10.30-11.00 //Guided Breath Work
11.00-12.00 //A Gentle & relaxing Hatha Yoga Session for all levels

In the meantime, you might enjoy the following resources to learn more about Yoga and practise along to in your own time

Podcast //Episode 1 - How Yoga Can Change Your Life
REad// Tips on how to set up your home practise space
                            How Meditation Can Improve Your Day
                            Yoga, Where to start?
                            How Yoga is different to fitness
Theory SessioN //A Theory Session on Beginners Vinyasa Flow postures 
PRACTISE SESSIONs //A 30' min beginners Vinyasa Flow Session to practise along to
                                                                              A 60' min Vinyasa Flow Session for physically fit individuals


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