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Start today! Work through the course in your own time.

From the moment the course is booked, we can organise your access to the materials to begin immediately. Or you can decide to begin on a future date of your choice.

Live Teaching Practise Session:

During the 25 hours taster course, for your 4 hours live session you will be invited to join the actual 200 Hours group of trainees for your taster session. Details below.

Course Duration: 25 hours with a 4 hour LIVE session

(You can take up to 3 months to complete the course in your own time.)

Live Teaching Practise Sessions:

You will have a choice to join the group on one of the following dates:

2020 Dates

Wednesday 18th November  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 19th November //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 21st November  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 25th November  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 26th November //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 28th November  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 9th December  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 10th December//  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 12th December  //  07.00-11.00am

2021 Dates

Wednesday 6th January  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 7th January  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 9th January  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 13th January  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 14th January  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 16th January  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 3rd February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 4th February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 6th February  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 10th February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 11th February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 13th February  //  07.00-11.00am

Wednesday 24th February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Thursday 25th February  //  18.30 - 22.30pm

Saturday 27th February  //  07.00-11.00am

PRICE: €159

FAQ. I might want to join the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program starting in January.

How does this course work if I want to 'bridge over' to the 200 Hours course in January?

You have right up to January  12th 2020 to think about if you want to use your 25 hours 'credit' and opt in to the full 200 Hours yoga Teacher Training Course (Jan/Feb 2021).


If you don't opt in, no problem!


If you do opt in we will deduct the €159 from your 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course fee and count your 25 hours as 'completed' from your overall 200 hours course.

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