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Fridays 17.00-18.00

Fri 13th Jan - Fri 10th March

*no class on Fri 3rd March

What is Pilates

Commonly compared with Yoga, yet different in it's entirety. Pilates is a mind-body exercise method developed in the 1970s by Joseph Pilates.


 The key goal of Pilates is improvement of one's movement patterns for overall better health. Through life we develop different ways of holding ourselves when we sit, when we walk and when we exercise. The way we hold ourselves in most cases results in overuse of some muscles and underuse of others. As a result we end up with less than ideal posture and aches and pains.


Pilates is a clever low impact method of re-strengthening these muscles. The intelligence is in the method. When the exercise is completed ' correctly' the teacher and practitioner can understand just how much (or how little) strength is in the target area. They can then work slowly, surely and safely, class to class, to rebuild strength in the target area.


Many people join Pilates with lower back issues. When a person has low core strength the lower back is not well supported and susceptible to issues. By using Pilates techniques, the practitioner can pin point the core area and gently, slowly and safely rebuild strength back - eventually supporting their lower back and alleviating some issues.


Pilates is a fantastic way to gently ease into exercise for people of all ages and abilities. It strengthens, stretches, tones and supports with balance in both the mind and body. If you don't know where to start, we are here to help. Reach out and we can schedule a call or chat to guide you.... .

Multilevel Pilates- with Miriam Fridays 17.00 - 18.00pm

This class started out as a gentle beginners Pilates class in 2022.

Soon after, the regular practitioners built up their strength and now enjoy a slightly more challenging session. This class is suitable for beginners without wrist injuries/issues. Clients who  are not currently exercising and would prefer to start out very gently and are advised to begin on Wednesdays 10am rather than this one. However, this class is more than suitable for those who already have a fitness regime such as regularly walking, sport, gym etc.

What's Covered on the Course

1.Alignment and movement for your unique body requirements 

2.Pilates Breathing (with each movement)

3.Moving Slowly , Steadily & Precisely through each movement

4.Activating the Core  (Exploring the low belly)

5.Building strength week to week in sensitive areas (neck and core)

6.Strength & Stretch - The Balance 

7.Basic intro to the Pelvic Floor 

8.Legs - Flexibility, Strength & Mobility

9.Arms & Shoulders - Flexibility, Strength &  Mobility

10.The Spine - Flexibility, Strength & Mobility

Book the Course

Some of our weekly classes at Bewell are weekly staples, they happen year round and  can be booked week to week. Pilates classes however are 'courses' which require pre-booking in advance.

This course starts on Friday 13th Jan is an 8xWeek course running

Friday 13th Jan

Friday 20th Jan

Friday 27th Jan

Friday 3rd Feb

Friday 10th Feb

Friday 17th Feb

Friday 24th Feb

No class on Friday 3rd March

Friday 10th March 

If you know you cannot make a Friday or two already, that's ok, we can send you a booking link for 6/8 or 7/8 classes.

Booking Link:

Book your spot on this course now using this booking link

This course is limited for ideal teacher:student ratios

Early booking advised

Investment: €80.00

Optional Homework

If you wish to take your Pilates practise home with you, there is optional homework


Add ons

One to One Sessions + 10x Week Individual Plans

While we do our best to support you with your individual alignment, we cannot always give 100% one to one attention in group sessions.

If you would like to work through each Pilates movement one to one with an instructor and have feedback on how to perform each movement for your unique body type, we are available for one to one sessions.

At one to one sessions we discuss your goal, your unique body, your key areas for strength and stretch and set up a 10xWeek plan for you

In Studio In Person one to one Pilates


  • One to One Pilates Session @ BeWell Studio x 60Mins

  • Goal setting discussion

  • 10xWeek individual homework plan delivered via email

  • Investment: €80euro

click to book here

Digital Online One to One Pilates


Digital review of alignment within Pilates movements via video and feedback

Goal setting discussion

10xWeek Individual homework plan delivered via email

Investment: €60euro

click to book here

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