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Our brand new studio in Longford, Ireland opens as soon as restrictions lift!

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swedish holistic massage, hot bamboo massage, combination massage


Glynis was a nurse for 38 years mainly working in London, she has always had an interest in health and wellbeing. In 1991 she undertook a diploma in Swedish Holistic Massage at the Academy for Natural Health. Since being in Ireland, she has undergone further training in hot bamboo massage and elderly and senior massage, all in the Sangoma therapy and training centre in Athlone. Glynis is also a psychotherapist and counsellor in private practise having trained at the centre for counselling and psychotherapy, North West London. Her approach to both counselling and massage is holistic in order to ensure the optimum experience for her clients.

“I Travelled to Thailand , Singapore , Malaysia,  and Indonesia.  It was the start of my spiritual journey my first experience of Massage. A Thai Massage On the beach.

I came back and then trained as Massage Therapist. It was a trip that changed my life seeing how the Eastern part of the world was so different to the West.  Although very poor, rich in Spirituality .

My second life Changing Trip was to Cuzco in Peru, Travelling with a Shaman and his team travelling high up into the Andes and taking part in Spiritual Ceremonies . I set my Intention for my life to change. Within 2 years I had left Nursing moved to Ireland and set up my Psychotherapy practice and Massage practice."                                        

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swedish holistic massage

Treat yourself to full-body relaxation! This wonderful treatment encompasses the clients mind, body and spirit. This massage can be gentle and soothing to bring about a deep state of relaxation, or more deep tissue in order to release tension, knots and sore aching muscles. Depending on the preference of the client, aromatherapy oils can be added. This is full body massage from head to toes. 
Available as full-body or part (head, shoulders and neck)

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hot bamboo massage

Did you know that bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials? It also makes for a luxurious massage experience!  

A fantastically soothing treatment with heated bamboo sticks, that are rolled, pivoted, seesawed and much more throughout the body. The heat from the sticks relaxes and smoothes out the muscles. Clients say that you can feel the effects long after the massage finishes. It is ultimately a deep tissue massage working on the lymphatic system which encourages drainage and also improves circulation problems. 

**Not for elderly people or people with bone or skin complications**

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combination massage

If you can't decide between Swedish holistic or Hot Bamboo Massage (and who could blame you?) Glynis offers the option to combine them. This is the ultimate bliss combining Swedish holistic on the head, face and arms while using the heated bamboo sticks on the larger combination muscles. You can also request a different combination depending on what your preference is or consult with Glynis. Whatever decision you come to, you will leave the treatment room relaxed and recharged. 

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