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Our brand new studio in Longford, Ireland opens as soon as restrictions lift!

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Relax kid classes, mindfulness for adults, Mindful Song & Gong class,one to one sound massage treatment


Kristina is a primary and secondary music teacher. A musician to her core, she plays saxophone, guitar, harmonium and violin. After 10 years of teaching she decided to branch out into holistic practice as she had seen how music, song, dance, sound and mindfulness can change lives!


Kristina absolutely loves working with every age group; children, teens and adults. She believes that music can make wonderful things happen at any age! Now she is building a program combining both music and mindfulness for all ages. Some of her achievements to date are:

• Sound Healing Practitioner (Celtic School of Sound Healing)
• Voice Healing Practitioner
• Suzuki Violin Teacher
• Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hrs & RYT (Kavailya School, Guatemala)
• Bachelor of Music Education (DCU)
• PGCE Primary Teaching
• 4 years teaching mild/moderate SEN, Music Therapy
• 3 years teaching severe/profound, Autism, Multiple Disabilities
• 3 years teaching Music at Qatar Academy

Catch Kristina @ BeWell Longford for weekly Relax Kid Classes

  • Monday afternoon

  • Saturday afternoon

  • Sunday morning

                                                                                               for weekly Adult Mindfulness

  • Tuesday evening

  • Thursday evening

  • Sunday evening

                                                                                               for Mindful Song & Gong

  • Friday evening

  • Saturday afternoon

                                                                                             for One to One Sound Treatments

  • Monday afternoon

  • Saturday Midday

  • Sunday afternoon

Relax kid classes

These classes are designed to help build a range of skills such as confidence, good mental health, good self-esteem, self- regulation, focus and concentration, anger and anxiety management and help children become creative using the imagination. A class includes; warm ups, movements, fun games, drama, stories, stretching and breathing exercises, massage, mindfulness techniques and music. Parents are welcome to join in with their child to de-stress or they can wait in the waiting room.

yoga classes ireland

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mindfulness for adults

These classes are designed to equip adults with mindfulness tools to deal with the stresses and fears of everyday life. Sessions help develop greater self-awareness, better relationships, better sleep and stop letting fears and thoughts overwhelm us. Our minds can race around, often preoccupied with the future or ruminating on something that happened in the past. Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and makes us more aware of what is really going on in the now.      

Classes include; self-acceptance and self-compassion strategies, noticing old habits of our mind, listening to our bodies, grounding, bringing attention to one thing at a time, listening actively, being assertive and speaking consciously

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mindful song and gong

This one-hour class is for all ages and abilities. It is an hour of fun, sound, song and healing. You can take part or just sit back, there are no expectations.

The first half of the class will be focused on the sound inside your body, voice, song, chanting and breathing. The second half of the class will focus on sound outside of your body, instruments, gongs, singing bowls and more.    

This is a really great opportunity to learn about the power of music to heal oneself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Kristina will explain how sounds can affect everything inside and outside our bodies.

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One to one sound treatments


Using the frequencies of sounds to shift energy and massage tissue in the body, the sound massage is a deep relaxation using singing bowls, tuning forks, bells and chimes on your body as you relax on a plinth clothed with a blanket. The client can choose their favourite sounds if they wish.

Sound healing is the application of sound frequencies to a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony, health and balance. The sound alters the state of consciousness and shifts energy. It activates the para-sympathetic nervous system for relaxation and also cleanses the aura.

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