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Our brand new studio in Longford, Ireland opens as soon as restrictions lift!

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Marta was guided towards yoga from her passion for body movement and its functionality. After years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Marta took a leap and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Dublin, 2013. 


Yoga is part of Marta’s everyday ritual , moving through life as both a teacher and student. She believes that each person takes from yoga what is intended for them personally. Every practice is unique to you. 


“Practicing yoga helps you to move forward with life, both physically and mentally. The body feels better, the mind is calmer.”


Catch Marta @ BeWell Longford for weekly Classes

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  • Sunday morning


Whether it’s your first time on the mat or you're an advanced yogi, Yoga for All classes with Marta welcomes you. “Yoga meets you, exactly where you are.” Try to remember this every time you step onto the mat. You’re here for you. Don’t worry what others are doing around you, we each have our own unique journey and that’s the beauty of it.  Marta guides you through an energizing flow that you can follow at your own pace. Explore your strengths and have fun with this inclusive practice. 

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If you would like to explore yoga but have restrictions that make it difficult to get up and down from the mat then this one if for you. For those with limited mobility, we offer chair yoga as a starting point if you’re in recovery or as a full practice if you would prefer the assistance of a chair for weight-bearing. An excellent way to reap the benefits of yoga even if you have an injury or mobility restrictions

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Calling all newbies to yoga or if you’ve not stepped on the mat in a while and want to ease back into your practice. Beginners yoga is the perfect place to start off as you move through a series of slow & steady postures to open up the body and relax the mind. 


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If you have experience with yoga and recognise the posture names then this one is for you. This class offers a variety of alternatives to meet you where you are. Whether you are strong, flexible or anything in between you can follow this flow at your own pleasure.

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