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Week 3 Of My YTT: 3 Things I Have Learnt

This post was written by our teacher trainee and wellness blogger, Kendall who has just completed her third week of our self-paced online Yoga Teacher Training. We hope that her insights will give you a feel for the course and what it might involve. If you would like to discuss the course in more detail with us, we'd love to hear from you! Set up a discovery call, or learn more about our online YTT

Another week has been and gone, just like that. Seriously though, where is 2020 going?

Each week is so packed full of theory and practical sessions/practises that every time I complete a week I'm in shock that it has only been one week! Who knew you could achieve so much in just 7 days?

Week 3 was no exception. So many awesome topics were covered! For this post, I am just going to cover the 3 main things that I have been reflecting on with regards to week 3.

The outcome of having a consistent meditation, pranayama and asana practise

I have read many times and heard so often that I knew a consistent practice would make an impact. I just didn’t realise quite how much. I guess it is probably different for everyone, we all have different things we overthink or worry about, different areas we want to be more in tune with. It's only natural our outcomes would vary.

The best way I can describe it is that I feel clarity. I am a super hectic and slightly scatty soul that overthinks and worries, mainly about stupid things I shouldn’t even worry about. Now though, I feel clear and I feel happy in myself. Like, even when I worry, it doesn't consume my emotions. I think I have learnt to deal with myself better, how to manage my thoughts and emotions. It's kinda crazy. I literally feel like everyone should do a course like this, not even to necessarily teach but, to learn about yourself. It feels good.

I find it funny because the one thing I haven’t noticed a significant change in is physical! For what it's worth, I have a wrist injury so I am having to take it slightly easy and not push myself in the asana practice. But, as it turns out, the spiritual and mental change was exactly what I needed to deal with my injury (and life, in general).

Overcoming injury

As I said earlier, I have a scatty mind which translates to my body too. I'm that person that will throw myself around and do something silly ending up injured.

I have had a few injuries in the past, and every time it drives me crazy. I feel angry with myself and annoyed that I can't do what I want to be doing. Now - as I learn more about being gentle with my body through the yoga teacher training - I'm starting to realise that perhaps I'm not giving my body enough credit and even possibly making my injuries worse through the energy I create.

This wrist injury, that normally would have had me in actual tears every few days because I can't do something, is different. I don’t feel like that at all. No anger. No frustration. If anything, I feel love and appreciation for all the times I have overworked my poor wrist and so now am giving it the rest it deserves.

The crazy human body

This week, I learnt a lot about the body, the nervous system, the endocrine system and about the muscles! It is so interesting to learn all about how our bodies work, they are insane and I, for one, do not give mine enough credit.

This course has taught me how little I knew about the human body, physically and mentally and it has just been so interesting. I'm starting to notice myself taking things I have learnt to my everyday life now, I love how it is helping me become more aware.

One thing is for sure, I am feeling super sad that I only have one week left - I don’t want it to end! It has been such an incredible learning experience and personal journey. A journey that I really needed this year.

Are you interested in taking an online Yoga Teacher Training? We'd love to help. Get in touch with us through our website or book a free consultation call with us.

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