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5xRoscommonYinYoga Sessions - Thursdays 20.15pm - March 7th 2024 - with Caroline

5xWeeks @ 12euro per session = 60euro

Single Session - 14euro

7th March to 11th April


Course Information @ BeWell Roscommon:

Regular Courses cost 12euro per session when 4-6 classes are block-booked/prepaid 

-Single Sessions of Courses cost 14euro per session when booked one by one

*Where client books 4 or 5 classes out of 6 class course, client is bound by the dates agreed upon with BeWell when booking - dates not changeable to any 4 or 5 classes within the course.



*Class transfer credit available where attendee can show doctors note/physios note

*Class transfer credit available where client gives 24Hours notice of cancellation

*Class credit must be used within 4 months on same/similar service


5xRoscommonYinYoga Sessions - March/April Thursdays8.15pm- From March 7th

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