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Sligo Yin Yoga
Workshops & Courses

Our monthly Yin Yoga Workshop Events are back @ the gorgeous Salt+Soul Studio, Sligo  for 2024.

Upcoming  Spring// Wood Element Workshop Dates.

Saturday March 16th

 Spring//Wood - with Hilda 


Saturday April 20th

 Spring // Wood - with Zia 


Saturday May 18th

Spring // Wood - with Miriam * lead trainer BeWell Yin Yoga Teacher Training


If you are curious about our upcoming 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training running over 3 weekends in June-July-August 2024 @ Salt&Soul these workshops are ideal opportunities to 


❥Come check out Salt&Soul Yoga Studio


❥Explore  Strandhill

(workshops are timed so that you early birds can go for a walk or brunch beforehand & late risers can enjoy a walk or late lunch afterwards! Why not make a day of it in Strandhill!)

❥Check out Miriam's Yin Teaching style

Stay back for Q&A about the course

❥Check out Hilda and Zia's Unique Yin Teaching styles

(following their training with BeWell in November last year)

 Stay back for Q&A with Hilda and Zia

Ask them  their experiences of the course as BeWell Yin Yoga Trainees in Nov 2023

We're so proud to see our Yin Yoga Teacher Trainees already out there delivering weekly Yin classes  and workshop within their communities.

Moreover, we're proud to have BeWell graduate teachers represent BeWell @ Salt&Soul at our monthly Yin workshop events...


More about Miriam, Hilda and Zia below...



Miriam began her wellness journey over 10 years ago  in Lake Como, Italy.

Her wellness education has taken her on training courses and retreats in Switzerland,Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali in search of learning ancient Wellness skills rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Sound Healing.

Miriam qualified as an internationally recognised RYT-200 Yoga Teacher 9 years ago in January 2015 having studied intensively in Ubud, Bali. She has since completed additional yoga teacher trainings in Yin, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Styles. Full time teaching yoga now for over 6 years, Miriam has delivered 1000s of teaching hours both to regular yoga classes and specialized yoga teacher training courses. Miriam is now an accredited E-RYT500 (The most advanced teaching credential under Yoga Allliance) She is also a Mat 1&2 Pilates teacher having completed Pilates Teacher Training for Mat Pilates and an IAIM certified Baby Massage Instructor.


At the beginning of her journey, Miriam spent some time offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons in and around Lake Como, Milan and Ticino, Switzerland. She then moved back to Ireland in Summer 2019 to focus on BeWell and BeWell Yoga Teacher Training School. 

Since then Miriam has guided over 150+ students from all over the world through the BeWell 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program & The BeWell 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program.

'Something I am very proud of and motivated by is the continuous growth, learning and partnership with our graduates where possible. Many of the Yoga teachers at BeWell Longford and BeWell Roscommon have come through our BeWell teacher training programs. And now, a number of our graduates are training in order to lead and deliver BeWell Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Ireland and beyond' -Miriam.

In September 2022, Miriam opened the doors of BeWell’s first physical brick and mortar premises.  This is BeWell Yoga + Pilates Studio, a Holistic Center in Longford, Ireland - her hometown. 

The center delivers over 25+ Yoga + Pilates classes per week alongside holistic events and yoga/pilates teacher training programs. In May 2023, Miriam and her team of teachers began to deliver weekly Yoga classes into Roscommon Town also and now offer multiple niche Yoga classes and holistic events there also.


Miriam's passion is  sharing Wellness 'tools and tips' that are individual & unique to each of her students.  Her passion is empowering people on their personal journey to Wellbeing and coaching people on daily habits and practises to help them reach their highest potential.


Miriam believes that by learning about Yoga we can create enormous positive change and impact in today’s society. By learning how to center ourselves and operate from a place of balance and consciousness we can ‘wake up’. Wake up to the simple and outstanding beauty of nature and life. Wake up to clearly and undoubtedly recognise mindlessness, selfishness, greed and consumerism within ourselves and others. Wake up to realise that to create change and inspire change, we must begin within ourselves.  Something which can be achieved with ancient accessible tools taught by Yoga.

BEWELL YIN YOGA 50 Hours Student - Nov. 2023


Ashtanga Yoga (RYT 200 Himalaya Yoga Valley)

Yin Yoga (RYT 50 Be Well)

Reformer Pilates (RYT 150 MindBodyLife)

Reiki Level 1 (Little Bali Bondi) trained

Hilda found her passion and love for yoga in Australia where she lived for 4 years.

Here she practised yoga every day experiencing many different teaching styles and retreats.

Hilda broke her pelvis in a NZ skiing incident. The experience inspired her to embark on her Yoga teacher training journey in order to return to full health and to inspire and help others.

She was passionate about health and wellbeing from an early age – studying nutritional science (UCC). She is energised by nature, particularly the ocean and has found santosha (contentment) calling Sligo home.

Having attended Hilda's weekly Yin Class in Sligo,  we can confirm Hilda curates a very relaxed environment inspired by energy and infused with gorgeous treats and suprises in the form of scents and reiki inspired adjustments.

Hilda's gentle and empathetic nature is palpable.

She has a unique and refreshing Yin teaching style which will leave you 

relaxed, restored, calm and inspired.

BEWELL YIN YOGA 50 Hours Student - Nov. 2023


ARYY 500 Hour Yoga Teacher 

BeWell 50 Hours Yin Yoga


Zia was introduced to yoga at the age of 15 during a TY module and instantly felt a connection. Luckily, she  found a local class after finishing school, which quickly became a regular part of her routine. In 2010, Zia embarked on her 200-hour teacher training journey. When her own yoga teacher decided to move away, Zia was asked to step in and teach the class—a role she been fortunate to continue ever since.


'Driven by my passion for learning, I pursued further training including a 300-hour course, kids yoga, antenatal yoga, and most recently, yin yoga. 

Yoga holds a significant place in my life, and I get great joy from sharing it with others. 

The youngest student I've taught was 6 weeks old and the oldest 82 years old. Therefore I firmly believe yoga is accessible and  beneficial to everyone.'

Having attended Zia's Yin Yoga we can confirm that Zia is a relaxed, passionate and a refreshingly relatable Yoga teacher - making everyone feel at ease.

Zia's curated Yin workshops in her native Donegal boast a thoughtful center altar with candles and equipment laid out for all so that one can simply slide in and switch off. Her grounded energy is especially welcoming after a stressful car journey or week at work!

Zia's lengthy experience teaching Yoga is evident as she manages the room, the group and the experience with great ease and knowledge. Plenty of adaptations, demonstrations and individual check ins are given.

The Yoga communities of Ballyshannon and Killybegs are lucky to have her!

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