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First Day of Treatments/classes


Congratulations on your bookings! We are very happy for you and wish you a lovely day of work.


If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, let us know and we can organise for someone to be at BeWell to show you the below things on your first day.

As you know from your visit with Miriam, we operate a receptionless/cashless building so everything can be done very easily and independently.

Entering the Building

We have installed an electronic door system. So all you need is a code to enter the front door!

You will find the keypad on the left hand side of the door frame as you face the front door of the building.

Here's an image to help you.

The code is 1234 (we will change this periodically and update you)

This is a code for you only and is not to be passed to clients for security reasons.

Once you punch in the code the door will unlock and you can pull the right hand side door towards you to enter.


Reception Desk

You will see a big desk on your right hand side. You can use that as a 'reception' if you wish.

Here is an image to help you


This is compulsory for our BeWell Covid Response Action Plan. If you prefer not to wear a visor please do wear a face mask.


Treatment Rooms

There are 2 treatment rooms clearly signed: Treatment Room 1 and Treatment Room 2 upstairs.

A member of BeWell will let you know what treatment room you are operating in prior to your workday.

Feel welcome to arrive up to 30mins before your first appointment to set up your space with all of your equipment.

Note that we only provide massage beds/furniture only. All additional items such as oils/hygiene roll etc are to be organised by the therapist.

Bluetooth Speaker

We have a Sony bluetooth speaker in each treatment room.

Feel welcome to connect to that to play your music. Note that we are still trying to understand noise levels from Treatment Room 1 and 2 when there are 2 treatments in progress. We ask that you are mindful of people operating in the room beside you in terms of music levels while we monitor this and understand the best music solution.

Collecting your client

Once you have set up your space, you can relax downstairs until your client arrives. You will need to let your client in the door as it is electronically locked.

Opening the door from the inside

It's important not to 'force' the door but to release it using the release button.

Here is an image of the release button so you can easily find it.

Hit the button and the door will unlock so you can take in your client.


Terms & Conditions/Liability Waiver

 Covid Contact Tracing Forms

Your client will have been sent a digital Terms and Conditions Form/Waiver of Liability form in advance of their treatment appointment. They will also have been sent a COVID Declaration & contact Tracing digital Form.

Ask your client if they have already submitted these forms. 

If not, you can invite them to use the printed forms on the reception desk.

Finishing Up

Cash: If the client prefers to pay in cash, you can feel welcome to take the full payment home with you and we will invoice you for the total room rental at the end of the month.

Card: If the client requests to pay by card, please use the BeWell Card Reader if you do not have a reader of your own.

card payments


You can find the card reader in the white basket to the right of the reception deck when you are standing facing the reception deck.  Here is an image of where we keep it so you can easily see where to find it.


The card reader is super simple to use.

•Press the 'on' button

•Give the machine a moment to connect to the WIFI

•It will do this automatically and you will know it is connected by the little 'bars' showing at the top.

•Enter the amount required

•Ask the client to tap their card

•If tap doesn't work ask them to enter card and pin

•Once the transaction goes through the reader will say 'payment accepted'

•The client can choose a printed receipt or SMS receipt*


Here is a quick video demo in case you have not done this before.


This payment goes through to BeWell directly and we will issue you your accumulated payments for your services on a monthly basis.


Leaving the Building

When you leave the building just push the door closed behind you so that it can automatically lock. Please give it a little wiggle to ensure the automatic lock has clicked into place.


Silence is Golden

There may be people using the other treatment room or from July 5th there may be groups operating in the downstairs areas.

We ask that everyone respects the 'Silence is Golden' rule at BeWell so that we can all enjoy a quiet, peaceful and holistic space from the moment we step inside.



And that's it!

If that's a little too much for Day 1 just let us know and we can arrange to have someone show you all of the above in person! 


Wishing you every success with your sessions at

BeWell Longford

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