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Vinyasa Flow or Yin Yoga?

I had a coffee with a friend recently who had just finished a Yoga class at a local studio. She had a bewildered look on her face and told me 'I do like it, but I just can't get-into it. And I'd love to really get into it'.

I asked her what was creating the doubt? 

She explained that the class was quite dynamic and while she was extremely physically fit, she spent most of the class trying to mirror the poses of the more advanced students or the teacher herself, worrying what her pose looked like in comparison to others whilst pushing herself physically to hold the more difficult postures for the instructed length of time.


I asked her to step back and think for a moment.

And to then tell me:


What do you want and expect from your Yoga practise?

She didn't know.

This is a story we Yoga Teachers hear all too frequently. Yoga is not a fitness class. Yoga is a wellness practise. A 'tool' which helps us to create, restore and maintain physical and mental balance in our daily lives. Just as we are all unique body types and personalities, we all require unique wellness solutions and different Yoga styles. What we need from Yoga can also change as we get older or enter various stages and challenges in our lives.


Yoga is not one size fits all.

Originally Yoga was instructed one-to-one. From a Yoga master down to his disciple over a lifetime. It's the westernisation and commercialisation of Yoga that has resulted in us taking this ancient eastern wisdom and delivering  it  as we do today in a 'fitness class' type structure.

When approaching Yoga, whether for the first time or 100th time,  it's always a good idea to:


1.Place aside any expectations of becoming that image of a slim and athletic body in shiny spandex leggings contorting into difficult poses!! See this imagery for what it is! Instagram promotion. It's art and it's inspirational. It's marketing.

Imagine you as an adult, with all of your responsibilities in your daily life, joined a weekly Ballet class for adults. Would you, after a few months of classes, place the expectation on yourself to hold the same ballet pose as a professional Ballet dancer who has trained full- time over decades? Remember you have spent 10 hours a day sitting at your office desk for the last decade! 

This is missing the point of Yoga so widely....

2.Understand that physiologically it may be impossible for you to do what your Yoga neighbour/teacher is doing with his/her body. You may have a different bone structure which means you will never mirror that specific asana or pose regardless of practising over a lifetime. Important to note here that there is no 'perfect' way to hold a posture... Each person is unique. They hold their postures 'perfectly' for them in that moment in time, at that level of their practise, in their own unique way... And that's what BeWell Yoga is all about.

3. Understand what you want from your life, short term and long term using not just your mind and intellect, but the deep ancient wisdom and intelligence of your body. We have been programmed to believe that intelligence is only in the form of our intellect. How wrong! Your body is full of ancient wisdom and deep intelligence which is usually much sharper than intellect! It's possible, through Yoga and meditation, to begin to learn how to listen to your body and make decisions not just with you head but with your heart and soul. This leads you towards a more complimentary alignment and gives you a better satisfaction with your day to day life.

 Find out what wellness tools can compliment your journey towards that goal and begin. ..Don't shoot in the dark and cross your fingers hoping you will arrive somewhere better... 

Simply put, have goals or expectations.

There is so much information available online or by having a chat with others. When you choose wellness practises at random, you get random results. Random choice and crossing your fingers is an expensive and time consuming gamble when it comes to wellness services...


Looking forward to seeing you soon on the mat!

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is one of the most common and popular forms of Yoga. This is a series of sequences and postures all linked to inhalation or exhalation. It is a smooth practise with all of the poses running into each-other in an interconnected format.


In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronised to a breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. 

Vinyasa flow can be delivered as a soft practise, intermediate practise or indeed strong dynamic practise dependant on the level of the practitioners.

This type of Yoga is a 'moving meditation' and practitioners experience a relaxed sensation in both body and mind following the practise.

This style of Yoga is hugely beneficial to all  types of Yoga students and is a great introduction to Yoga before focusing on something more specific.

Yin Yoga

Yin - a style of Yoga where the practitioner holds postures for 1-3 minutes. Unlike a regular dynamic swift paced Yoga class that focuses on the superior muscles, this style of Yoga focuses on giving a little TLC to the deeper connective tissues.


Yin Yoga helps us to gently and mindfully work on the connective tissues welcoming increased blood flow and oxygen to that area. If we're already training our superior muscles all week with other sports or at the gym, it might make more sense to use Yin Yoga as a complimentary Yoga practise.


Yin Yoga is also a meditation. By remaining in one pose for 1-3 minutes, we have a major opportunity to observe the mind, observe the thoughts and begin to work on weeding out the garden of our mind.


This style is hugely beneficial to people with hectic fizzy and busy minds who find it difficult to 'switch off' (though it's quite a challenge for them to settle into this practise at first!) This style of Yoga can help those dealing with anxiety or intrusive thoughts as there is ample time to reflect on tools and techniques to 'observe' the mind as opposed to 'reacting' to the mind. It is also very beneficial to people who  tend to get 'knots' or myofascial trigger points from desk jobs, posture or sports.

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© 2018 by BeWell. 


© 2018 by BeWell.