BeWell Yoga is now teaching  online.

We are ready to deliver our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program 100% online to a device near you!

 Our online program is fully accredited and recognised  by Yoga Alliance.

Enjoy up to 50% off the regular Yoga Teacher Training  course fee for our online program. Train to become an internationally recognised RYT-200 yoga teacher from the comfort and safety of your own home.

You will need a phone, laptop, tablet or device and your mat.

We can take care of the rest...

Just found us?

There are still some last minute 'latecomer' slots for our May 18th - June 12th Live Online Guided Sessions Course.


It is possible catch up on the sessions missed with pre-recorded materials and then join into the remainder of the sessions.

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Time to look inward. In an ever changing world, where we can no longer freely explore outwardly, we have the unique opportunity to discover a whole other world within.


Our inner world, an undiscovered terrain, can be explored and adventured by means of simple methods from the comfort and safety of our home.


Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises)act as keys that unlock the layers and allow us to adventure into the hidden depths of our mind, body and soul.


Funnily enough, it is the deep exploration, understanding, shedding and rebuilding of our inner world that allows us to truly relish in the most simple details of the outside world.


Come with us on a journey, a journey deep into your mind, body and soul. Together we will explore your unique inner world through meditation, pranayama, yoga and theory sessions, group discussions and workshops. You will emerge from  this journey with the knowledge, skills and passion to take your Yoga Journey to the next level.


All from the comfort and safety of your home.

The course is intense and all the more challenging to follow online vs in-person. Attendance to online sessions is compulsory and all assignments must be completed to a good standard in order to graduate from the program.

You will have a lot of daily tasks to prepare in order to pre-familiarise yourself with concepts before they are presented and deepened in workshops.


What you sow, you will reap.


You can be guaranteed that your Online Yoga Teacher Training course will prove to be a deep and meaningful discovery of yourself and the hidden gems of your body, mind and soul.

'Our intuition, inner voice and sixth sense brought us to BeWell  from different parts of the world to study yoga practice. A Yoga practice that will allow us to ease others closer to that inner voice.

We all came from completely different backgrounds, careers, lifestyles. We all felt something that told us -this is the place we should be. That’s the sixth sense. Without even knowing it, as we’ve studied all of the chakras, we are already in tune with them and we are already using them.

We trusted our gut instinct about this decision. And we followed through. Even when it was difficult, we knew we were in the right place, for the right reason.'-Sarah - Graduate of BeWell Yoga Teacher Training School-Morocco Jan 2020


  • Lead Trainer & Owner - BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS Accredited Yoga Alliance 200Hours Training School)

  • Yoga Teacher @

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT200) - Yoga Alliance International 

  • Owner of BeWell-Ireland (  a marketing and booking platform for wellness services in Ireland & beyond (est. 2018)

  • 10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

  • 6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

  • 1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

  • Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

  • Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish 

Miriam O' Reilly 

BeWell - Owner and Lead Trainer 

BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School & Yoga Classes

BeWell-Ireland (Marketing and Booking platform for wellness services in Ireland and beyond)


I began my wellness journey over 7 years ago  in Lake Como, Italy and lived there for about 7 years also.

My wellness journey has taken me on training courses and retreats in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali in search of learning ancient Wellness skills rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Sound Healing.

I qualified as an internationally recognised RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in January 2015 having studied intensively in Ubud, Bali.


I spent some time offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons in and around Lake Como, Milan and Ticino, switzerland before moving back to Ireland in Summer 2019 to focus on BeWell-Ireland and BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School.


I enjoy sharing Wellness 'tools and tips' with students. 


My passion is empowering people on their personal journey to Wellbeing and coaching people on daily habits and practises to help them reach their highest potential.

Joseph Devlin


Myofascial & Anatomy Educator, Practitioner development Coach.ANMPT.

We are very excited to be joined on our online YTT by Joseph Devlin, a neuromuscular therapist, with 10+ years
experience in private practice. Joseph is an experienced online educator and a skilled practitioner who offers great insight into the anatomy section of our course.

During a sabbatical in India, Joseph's interest in yoga - especially Yin - grew. Now he facilitates myofascial release workshops and trains yoga teachers in anatomy. Joseph has an interest in traditional medicine, men’s work and the power of group circles. Topics will range from the fight /flight nervous systems reaction to pain, gate theory and pathophysiology to the advice he has had from the yoga teachers and healers he has worked with.

Joseph calls upon his years of experience to assess posture and movement, educate his clients on specifically what would be of great benefit for them to focus on outside of their sessions. And then working with pressure points, that are holding their over worked muscles into negative patterns of movement.

He utilizes simple tools such as foam rollers and tennis balls to empower his workshop attendees to be able to do their own soft tissue release techniques and achieve a positive
change in their movement.

Giulia Babolin


500RYT | 200E-RYT | YACEP
Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Aerial, Yin
Level 2 @acroyoga & @partneracrobatics certified

We are delighted to welcome Giulia who joins us this May/June for our online 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training to lead advanced asana workshops for our Yoga Teacher Trainees

Giulia has been exposed to sport and movement since a very young age. Trading as Giuliacroyoga, Giulia has been practicing yoga and acroyoga since 2014, when she immediately fell in love with the playfulness of acroyoga and the mindfulness of yoga.


Her passion and dedication made her travel the world, exploring different yoga styles, completing three acroyoga teacher trainings and becoming a 500hrs RYT in late 2018. Yoga is for Giulia a true lifestyle, and a way of being that really goes beyond the asana practice; AcroYoga is for her a really powerful discipline that combines strength, body awareness, mutual trust and most importantly, respect for the others and the self.


Certified and trained in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial, Hatha, Yin and AcroYoga, Giulia mostly teaches dynamic styles. Her classes offer a good balance between challenge and softness, with a particular attention on alignment and surely a good dose of sweat.


During her extensive travels in India, South-East Asia, Pacific, Central America and Europe, she had the opportunity to practice and meet yogis and acroyogis from all over the world, enriching her practice and teaching style. Her wish is to continue exploring and learning from different disciplines, schools and inspiring humans. All the while, growing as a yoga and acroyoga teacher and movement practitioner.

One of the primary goals of BeWell Yoga Teacher Training school is to graduate Yoga Teachers ready to create relevant Yoga sequences for their clients, introduce relevant modifications with a clear goal, and teach Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga sessions with confidence, ease and passion.

More importantly, our mission is to train, encourage and graduate Yoga Teachers who live and breathe to share a mission and purpose.

BeWell believes that, using the right tools, everyone has the ability to live their daily life with vibrancy and vivacity.
We use ancient wellness rituals to unravel the stresses and blockages that daily modern life has created...
sometimes unbeknownst to ourselves...
...and we guide our clients to flow back to their unique and individual

'Had a great time becoming a yoga teacher under the professional instruction and the loving guidance of BeWell!! Thank you 🧘🏼‍♀️
-Alina (Taghazout Morocco Yoga Teacher Training Dec-Jan2020)

"I really loved my time on the YTT and Leitrim provided a wonderful atmosphere in which to learn. The content of the course was enormously engaging, and I learnt a lot about everything from the history of yoga to meditation and pranayama. Most of all, I met a wonderful group of people that will continue to inform how I think about yoga, long after the course finishes."
-Mary (Leitrim Village Yoga Teacher Training Sept-January 2020)

  • April 13th - May 8th 2020 live sessions -fully booked

  • may 18th - june 12th 2020 live sessions -booking open

  • June 22nd - july 17th 2020 live sessions -booking open

  • July 27th - Aug 21st 2020 live sessions -booking open

  • August 31st - sept 25th 2020 live sessions -booking open


  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Fee

  • all materials

  • daily and live online tuition and support through course dates

Online Teacher Trainees can choose to enjoy a guided Monday-Friday live online course or instead opt for a self paced course.

Or a mixture of both!

Get Started Today!

Whether you choose to self study or join the next online sessions, you can get started today.  From the moment you book onto the course, you will enjoy access to materials from Day 1 and can begin working already on your individual exercises.

Guided sessions (4 x weeks)

Our next start date for guided sessions is Monday 18th May. We will be  'in-session' daily from Monday- Friday: 13.00-17.30pm (GMT+1 London Time) from May 18th - June 12th


We will cover 100+ hours of your training together live and online. 


The remainder of the course  is completed individually and in groups.


Teacher Trainees enjoy 4+ hours of daily guidance and interaction with trainers and an online teaching and learning experience mirroring our in-person yoga teacher training experience typically held in Taghazout Morocco, Lake Como Italy and Leitrim, Ireland.

Teacher Trainees enjoy 4x60' one to one sessions with the lead trainer, one on each week of the course.

Self paced sessions (start today - finish prior to September 30th)

Teacher Trainees can opt to complete the course in a self-paced fashion by blended digital  learning (Theory Sessions, Written Assignments, Daily Meditation and Pranayama Journalling, Self Practise, Pre-recorded video practise, Asana Alignment pre-recorded clinics, Teaching Cues and Tips pre-recorded clinics. weekly Q&A live online sessions via zoom)

Typically, self paced yoga teacher trainees should allow 

  • 50 Hours for Theory reading and written exercises

  • 20 Hours for Assignments

  • 28 Hours for daily meditation and pranayama

  • 4 Hours Self Guided Practise

  • 40 Hours Pre-recorded asana practise

  • 30 Hours Teaching Practise

  • 8 Hours live online Q&A

  • 20 Hours Group Work (where possible)


Self paced teacher trainees enjoy dedicated guidance from yoga trainers with

  • support on all questions sent via email (Mon - Fri)

  • weekly 2 hour live online Q&As session with full Self Paced Group

  • one to one calls with trainers

Teacher Trainees enjoy up to 4x60' one to one sessions with the trainers

What to be prepared for....

  • one to one activity yoga teacher trainer to yoga teacher trainee (in the form of review , feedback and discussion of unique goals)

  • individual written assignments and exercises to be completed and submitted

  • group projects (where possible to form groups)  to be completed  and submitted for review

  • online teaching practise to be recorded and submitted for review and one to one discussion

  • self practise to be recorded and submitted for review and one to one discussion

  • pre-recorded practise video assignments to be completed and recordings submitted for review and one to one discussion

Materials  for individual theory and exercises can be accessed immediately upon booking the  the course allowing Teacher Trainees to get started immediately.

In order to qualify for the Yoga Alliance recognised certificate, it is necessary to complete all coursework prior to September 30th 2020.


100+ Hours of daily live online sessions with the full Yoga Teacher Trainee group and Yoga Trainers over the 4 week program Monday to Friday


Minimum isolated 'self learning' with minimum use of pre-recorded lectures and sessions. Maximum learning through interactive workshops together as a group and in micro groups.


BeWell strongly believes in the power and impact of student centred learning.


Trainees can opt to enjoy a rich and impactful experience rooted in interactive peer learning and social growth.


This is created by means of an environment encouraging inquiry based and cooperative based learning and sharing in our live onlien sessions.


Consistent and reliable support from the training team for all questions in our live sessions and via live chat/email with 12 hour max turnaround on questions Mon - Fri


Weekly or 4x 60' one to one sessions for each Yoga Teacher Trainee with lead trainers to review & guide on individual alignment in asana practise, discuss daily meditation and pranayama practise, guide on individual teaching practise and support on coursework.


Support coaching and guidance on competing the program within the 4 week period through to successful graduation  and certification  on the last day.


Care, attention and support for each trainee as a unique individual with a unique goal.


Simple, non complex digital solutions making the course accessible for everyone regardless of what device they use or how much  knowledge they have of technology. Submit your work in the format of your choice and we'll do the rest.

I have been practicing Yoga regularly for nearly two years – and enrolled on this course to improve my knowledge and skills relating to Yoga. The online format allowed me to complete this training at a time in which most things are not possible. Initially when I signed up I worried that I would miss out on some of the personal elements of a face to face course. However that was not the case – the daily schedule provided a clear plan for what each day would be like. It also forced me to make time in my week for this course. This meant that rather than a self-paced course I moved through in a structured way working collaboratively with others on the course. In addition there were frequent 1 to 1 sessions with Miriam who provided personalised feedback on both my teaching and technique. Over the four weeks of the course there have been huge improvements in my technique due to the feedback received. Thank you for all your help and support
 (Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

 A fantastic instructor, the resources were thoughtful and well prepared and gave both a clear overview and a good specific detail. The 1 to 1 feedback on both technique and teaching allowed me to make rapid progress. I would highly recommend BeWell! 
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

Thank you so much. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.. thank you for being the person you are, kind, thoughtful encouraging, resilient, patient.. the list goes on but u get the picture. You are amazing at what you do and l was lucky to have found you on my quest to become a yoga teacher. Anyway l think you don’t sit well with too many compliments so l will stop there.. I’m sure our paths will cross again so until then take care. 
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Donegal, Jan 2020)

​BeWell's online training course is enjoyable, engaging and full to the brim with information to satisfy the curiosity of budding yoga teachers. Miriam's in-depth knowledge and attention to detail really comes through in the live sessions and course materials. You will leave this course with an excellent foundation in every aspect of yoga, as well as a range of materials to refer to whenever you need them in the future. Miriam has done her utmost to replicate the in-person experience with daily live sessions, 1-to-1s and individualised feedback on teaching practice and alignment. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to train from the comfort of your own home, with an incredible teacher. Miriam is kind, patient and present for all of your questions - I couldn't have asked for a better tutor! If you are considering this course, I highly recommend it! Thank you to Miriam and to BeWell for an amazing yoga journey.

(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)

It was a great experience for me to be in your class, exploring new dimensions of yoga. You conducted this course with very organised way and extensive work within short time. Thank you, you too! Wish you all the best for your personal life and for your business. 
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)


Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done on this course! It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, so eye opening and grounding. I’m going to miss it so much! I’ve actually got a friend who has already signed up for your next online course!!! I can’t wait to meet you in ’real’ life soon. Wishing you all the best! 
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate  from Bristol, May 2020)


Thank you so much for everything! I enjoyed the class as much as it was intense and challenging,
but I really learned a lot and feel like I have improved myself on many levels! Your personality also made it very easy and I appreciate your efforts!

(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - Germany, May 2020)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing YTT. I've loved it.  So happy to have done it with BeWell. Your passion, your whole ethos and your honesty have made it really special and really practically  useful.. to achieve that online is impressive!  & thanks for all your kind + helpful feedback and encouragement, massively appreciated.  Also actually thank you for encouraging me to do this in the first place - by giving me a really helpful practical answer to how 'good' I needed to be. No bullshit about whether I thought I was ready just a video to practice along with - super helpful! Without that I might not have done it & the last 4 weeks could have been a massive waste and a bit grim on furlough on lockdown. Instead it's honestly been one of the best things I've done, feel very lucky.
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - London, May 2020)

A privilege to train with BeWell Yoga. The training encourages and supports your personal development, strengthens the body, while improving asana practise and posture. A nourishing space for a deep journey into the self, deep within the mind and soul . The facilitator Miriam is a true yogi and a great teacher. She shares her years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that her students walk away with real knowledge, on how to teach yoga safely and professionally to students of all ages and all physical abilities, real yoga teacher training for the real world. Really enjoyed the experience
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Leitrim, Jan 2020)

Can't thank you enough for everything. It's the end of one amazing experience with BeWell Yoga School and the beginning of the next chapter in the new world. Hope to catch up with you again in future when the time is right ! 
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Kildare, Jan 2020)

I would like to thank you one more time for your time, your effort and guidance through those months of our course. I have learned a lot from you but this is only beginning  of  My journey. Wish you all the best. Namaste (200 Hours YTT Graduate  from Leitrim, Jan 2020)

© 2018 by BeWell. 

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