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'LOVE' By BeWell

YOGa  💝 meditation 💝 daily practices 💝 mantra

Are you ready to let more love into your life? Not the romantic kind of love, but the kind of love that radiates out in compassion and kindness; a love of yourself, a love for others, a love of life. The beauty of Yoga is that, once understood, it can bring you that fuzzy magical feeling of curiosity and wonder in the simplicity of your everyday life. 

Would you like access to free yoga classes, heart opening yin sessions, and opportunities to learn mantra and meditation practices that will call this love into your life? Allow us to take you  back in time. Let us guide you on a deep exploration of the classic Yoga. As it was then. As it still is now. Bathed in the mystics and presented with the care, love and energy it truly deserves.


For a limited time only, we'd like to treat you to this free mini-course, so that you can call in the love you deserve. You're welcome! 💝

We'll meet you on the mat, and in your inbox! Are you ready?


What to expect?

15 min Yin heart opener
vinyasa flow sequence
journaling exercises
7 day program
Daily practices

this course is for you if:

You want to expand your knowledge of yoga or you are keen to start yoga for the first time and don't know  where to start

You have a hard time with meditation and would like to improve your meditation practice

You have an interest in mindfulness and would be curious to learn some techniques and practices that could help you.

You would like to draw more love into your life!


**Note that this course is not suitable for prenatal Yoga practise

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