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Dec 11 - Dec 17














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Yoga - All Levels - Marta


10:00 am

Practice accommodates all levels in one room with yoga modifications and challenges. It would be beneficial if you have previous experience with yoga or other physical activity. Each class is different and adjusted to the group dynamics. Practice consist of 
- steady movement with the breath learning breath awareness
- sequenced yoga positions to bring body to balance and harmony 
- moments of rest and relaxation during the practice and at the end of it

Chair Yoga - Marta


11:30 am

Yoga practice for seniors, active age group, for all new to yoga, recovering from injury or illness or generally less active and mobile. Most of the class is on the chair seated and then standing using the chair for support. Yoga is guided to intelligently sequenced postures that take the joints through their full range of movement plus stretching and strengthening the muscles. 

Multilevel Pilates - Miriam


17:45 pm

This class started out as a gentle beginners Pilates class. Soon after the practitioners built up their strength and now enjoy a slightly more challenging session. There are multiple options  for different levels of strength (and energy) This class is suitable for beginners but without wrist injuries/issues as weight bearing postures are involved.  Clients who would prefer to start out very gently or who have wrist pain and are advised to begin on Wednesdays 10am rather than this one. 

Vinyasa Flow Level 1 - Miriam


19:00 pm

Suitable for all levels

Vinyasa is a style of yoga which links postures together so we flow from one to another seamlessly using our breath. The idea behind Vinyasa is that we move our bodies fluidly, which is why it is also referred to as “flow” or “vinyasa flow”. Synchronising breath and movement acts as an integral part of Vinyasa. Breath initiates every movement which means that although it’s often thought of as a more high-energy, active practise, it is also very relaxing. Vinyasa allows us to experience a kind of moving meditation, as we gracefully link one movement to the next.

Yin Yoga - Miriam


20:15 pm

Suitable for all levels

Yin - a style of Yoga where the practitioner holds postures for 1-3 minutes. Unlike a regular dynamic swift paced Yoga class that focuses on the superior muscles, this style of Yoga focuses on giving a little TLC to the deeper connective tissues.


Yin Yoga helps us to gently and mindfully work on the connective tissues welcoming increased blood flow and oxygen to that area. If we're already training our superior muscles all week with other sports or at the gym, it might make more sense to use Yin Yoga as a complimentary Yoga practise or a recovery practise.


Yin Yoga is also a meditation. By remaining in one pose for 1-3 minutes, we have a major opportunity to observe the mind, observe the thoughts and begin to work on weeding out the garden of our mind.