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ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial Cacao can be presented in many ways and used in many ways...

The choice is yours.

As always at BeWell we love to outline with spiritual  or mystical beliefs behind the practise. 

We then present the science.

You choose what to take away...

It is said that Ceremonial Cacao has been used throughout the ages in ceremony and ritual.

Ancient tribes of South America are said to have used Criollo Cacao specifically.


In modern times here in the west Cacao is presented during Cacao Ceremony.

Cacao ceremony is held as a sacred space to encourage flowing energies.

The cacao is believed to be a spirit within itself.

 A powerful plant medicine.

Used to release trauma.

Honoured to embrace healing.

From a science based perspective Ceremonial cacao is packed full of


phosphorus, copper



and  most importantly...magnesium.

All of which contribute to cardiovascular health.

Cacao can trigger the release  of dopamine and the endorphin phenylethylamine.

Both of the above  soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and depression

Use as part of healing ritual alone or with friends

Link into an online cacao ceremony online and sip in company 

Or drink at your leisure

After all - 'The entire universe is already within you' - Rumi

Keith's Cacao

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Keith's Cacao - Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste and Hand Peeled Beans are the worlds finest.  Keith chooses to rely on the amazing humans in our community and not on machines to produce his cacao.  This minimal processing approach ensures you get the highest quality energy and nutrition Cacao can deliver.

Crafted to enhance the mind, body and soul Keith's Ceremonial Cacao paste is the perfect partner in any personal pursuit. Trusted by Cacao practitioners and ideal for the workplace, Keith’s Cacao can enhance insight, presence, and focus.

Providing the world with a connection to cacao plant medicine is Keith's passion. With no additions, no chemicals, and no loss of quality,  100% pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao is here to open your heart, focus your mind, and energize your spirit to Bring on Your Magic!

Cacao Sourcing

With guidance from the Cacao Spirit, Keith’s intentional search for Criollo (“native”) cacao in the long-revered mountain rainforests of Guatemala’s Pacific Coast ensures your cacao beans consistently contain the perfect energy and flavor in every batch of Ceremonial Grade Cacao. This region of Central America was revered by the ancients because it produced the finest ceremonial cacao. It takes significant time and Keith’s precise intention to find beans with both the right energy and flavor. It’s worth the effort, as our product has batch-to-batch consistency others cannot match.

Cacao Production

Our production team is managed by Keith and an amazing crew of local workers. Keith makes sure our cacao is prepared in the traditional way, to assure full potency, clean product, and the best flavor.  

Kaqchikel Mayan women from 20+ local families earn an independent income, while working at home, at their own pace, preparing our cacao beans. There are few employment opportunities for women in our community. As we grow, we will create jobs for many more local, indigenous women, providing them with good pay and flexible hours. We are proud to help our community grow in this way.

Our cacao is prepared in the traditional method to ensure full potency. Local experience of getting the “perfect toast” over wood-fired stoves goes back many generations, ensuring expert-level techniques that bring out the complex cacao flavors without burnt taste. Hand peeled and examined twice by our at-home female entrepreneurs and local workshop team, each bean goes through a rigorous inspection in order to remove any low-quality beans or other contaminants. This meticulous process ensures that only the best of the best end up in our “Hand Peeled Cacao Beans” and in the milling process that creates the cacao paste we use in our ceremonies and daily drinks.

We are proud to follow in the footsteps of thousands of years of shamans by using their traditional approach, and delight in the ability to provide financial stability and a spiritual outlet for many members of our community.

Our cacao workshop is located in the Kaqchikel Mayan community of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, overlooking the serene waters of Lake Atitlan.

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 11.50.26.png


Handcrafted Ceremonial Cacao Mugs

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 17.33.04.png


Each of our handcrafted mugs are simply beautiful

Unique in their detail and handmade with love 

Use to mindfully sip Ceremonial Cacao in the mornings or during cacao ritual…

Alternatively use as a burn bowl to store and safely smudge out both Sage & Palo Santo…


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