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welcoming current students and graduates of 200 hours online yoga teacher training programs
Let's get you teaching...

Yoga Child's Pose

So you've graduated from your online Yoga Teacher Training Program. Congratulations!

Changes are it was life-changing and you learned a whole bunch...

Some courses, specifically those with a lower price point may not have have delivered when it came to the following: 

  • Continuous goal-orientated feedback on your alignment in poses

  • Continuous goal-orientated feedback on your individual meditation journey 

  • Continuous goal-orientated feedback and discussion on your Pranayama journey and teaching practise

  • Continuous goal-oriented feedback on on your Asana Teaching Practise

  • How to Delivery Verbal & Physical Adjustments

  • How to Delivery & Curate Ceremony 

Early on in the lockdown many 200 Hours graduates from other schools (usually heavily discounted online trainings) approached us with reports of


  • Theory heavy courses with no focus on posture breakdown

  • Blanket solutions for teaching a sequence without any modifications

  • Set Sequences and instructions for teaching a pose assuming your clients are all equally strong and flexible...

  • Anatomy classes delivered as list of words to learn off - no real life application of physiological function and movement

  • Zero individual individual alignment feedback on the teacher trainee's postures

  • Zero teaching practise individual review and feedback

We knew we just had to get out there and develop a Teacher Training Bootcamp for all teachers who feel they need additional focus in these areas.

And that's how our 10xDay Yoga Teacher Training Bootcamp was Born...

And you can choose to attend it either in-person or via Zoom in 2022...

What to Expect

Posture Clinics

We give you all the information, tools and practise you need so you can justify all of your cues/instructions with science-based anatomical reasoning.

understanding Why

We don't just show you and give you information on how to teach....together we explore and implement the 'why' behind every single detail that you teach. This way when your client asks you why you do what you do...there's no guesswork.

Anatomy & Physiology

We don't give you lists of things to learn off and point out on a diagram. We teach you how to understand movement from a skeletal & muscular point of view. We show you how to understand the anatomy of your body and various bodies (stretchy/stiff etc) and apply that knowledge to teach accessible and safe classes. Following our exploration and application of anatomy and physiology you will be prepared to teach clients as you find them as per their flexibility and strength levels. Not just point out random muscles and bones on a diagram...

We explore the Nervous System with a focus on the Vagus Nerve & activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This means you can help your clients cultivate a practise and tools to willingly switch on their 'rest and digest' mode. Not just read out a generic meditation script...


We link the study of the Chakras to the anatomy of the Endocrine System. This means you can present chakras from an Eastern point of view or a more science based western point of view, dependant on your client. You will know exactly why we teach what we teach from an anatomical, physiological and energetic point of view. Learn to meet your clients where they are in terms of their journey through yoga and speak to them in their language.


Individual Alignment Feedback

We give you one to one feedback, goal setting and advise on all of your postures. We believe that each body is unique. Some bodies are stiff. Others are flexible. Some are strong. Some are not so strong. A 'one size fits all' solution for alignment is not how Yoga should be delivered by us nor by you as you go out into the world!

Individual Teaching Practise Feedback

We give you individual one to one feedback, goal setting and advice based on your teaching goals and your abilities. We take your transferable skills into account. Everyone is different and everyone will teach differently depending on their background, personality, and transferable skills. We believe a one size fits all teaching practise program for a group of Yoga Teacher Trainees is ineffective for individual teaching progression.



If you've always dreamed of becoming.a Yoga teacher and being part of a growing community of people who do their best to live Yoga both on and off the mat, come join us. 👐



We can promise you

🧘‍♀️Passion for yoga, wellness and continuous learning

🧘‍♂️A genuine interest in your individual progress and development

🧘‍♀️A supportive environment of people who know that we grow taller by lifting others

🧘‍♀️Honesty, integrity and value for money

🧘A passion and purpose to deliver accessible affordable Yoga to everyone who seeks it


 For information on our upcoming Bootcamp dates and locations, get in touch on

(Live online or in person)


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The BeWell Yoga Teacher Training programme was a wonderful experience and one which I would recommend to any other students thinking of completing their 200hrs qualification. Miriam, the lead trainer, was fantastic both in her knowledge of yoga and the delivery of the course. I came away not only with a much deeper knowledge of all aspects of yoga but also a new approach, one that is gentler and kinder as to how we approach the teaching of yoga. It was very inclusive to all levels and that is something I strive to emulate in my teaching. 

(Online course graduate , London UK , YTT May-June 2020)


time to look inward

In an ever changing world, where we can no longer freely explore outwardly, we have the unique opportunity to discover a whole other world within.


Our inner world, an undiscovered terrain, can be explored and adventured by means of simple methods from the comfort and safety of our home.


Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises) act as keys that unlock the layers and allow us to adventure into the hidden depths of our mind, body and soul.


Funnily enough, it is the deep exploration, understanding, shedding and rebuilding of our inner world that allows us to truly relish in the most simple details of the outside world.


Come with us on a journey, a journey deep into your mind, body and soul. Together we will explore your unique inner world through meditation, pranayama, yoga and theory sessions, group discussions and workshops. You will emerge from  this journey with the knowledge, skills and passion to take your Yoga Journey to the next level.


All from the comfort and safety of your home..should you so wish.



Each time we deliver a Yoga Teacher Training program, we implement improvements to the course to streamline your experience with us. Our graduates have great things to say about their experience with us.

Our in person and online program is fully accredited and recognised  by Yoga Alliance.

Our online course comes at the special discounted rate of 50% off the regular Yoga Teacher Training  course fee.  




Bringing their expertise and insight to the course, our experienced team of teachers will be offering you continuous guidance and support throughout the course, ensuring that you get just as much out of our online training as you would a in-person YTT.

Miriam O' Reilly 


Lead trainer and Owner at BeWell Yoga

ERYT® 200

RYT® 500


  • Lead Trainer and Proprietor of BeWell.

  • 10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

  • 6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

  • 1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

  • Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

  • Speaks English, Italian and Spanish 



RYS Accredited yoga alliance 200 hours training school