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Wednesday 20.15pm @ BeWell Longford

Nidra Restore Yoga Intro Offer for Wednesday 20th Sept 2023


*Intro Offer can be used by one person only to try out 1 Yoga/Pilates session once only

*This offer is not retroactively applicable to existing bookings

*Those booked under Intro offer may not purchase remainder of course until day after the Intro offer has been used thus risking a guaranteed spot on the remainder of course

*Offer runs from Thursday 24th Aug for a limited time only

*Offer non refundable + non transferable

*Offer must be prepaid and pre booked - drop in n/a

*Offer does not extend to regular weekly classes @ Longford




Intro Offer Longford -Nidra+Restore Yoga - Wednesday 20th Sept 20.15pm

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