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RYT 200 Tagahzout
pre-booking info

Before securing your place on our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program we advise all Yoga Teacher Trainees to have a look through our pre-booking info on Morocco and Taghazout. This applies specifically if you have not been to Morocco before or travelled to developing countries.


Morocco is a developing country with limited infrastructure and a different way 'to do things'. While Taghazout, the village/town where our training takes place has experienced strong development in the previous 3-5 years, there are only a handful of cafes and restaurants that would be equal to European standard.

Special Diets

The same can be said for cafes offering solutions for people with specific dietary requirements. There are solutions for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan but options can be limited.

Our Training venue

Our venue is located within a relaxed and casual surfcamp which has been operating in the local area for over a decade. Situated right on the edge of the sea, we enjoy  a stunning seaside location and a Yoga terrace with a serious ocean view. It is important to note however, that while the venue has one the best centrally located seaside Yoga terraces in  town, the Yoga terrace itself is not reflective of  the European Style Yoga Studios standard of hardwood floor. The terrace has custom tiles. It gets a little sandy each day from the sea spray. When the swell is high, we sometimes need to project our teaching voices over the sound of the surf and waves in the background.

Taghazout is an infamous surf mecca which has always focused on casual surf tourism as opposed to luxury Wellness tourism. It  is only now beginning to understand Wellness tourism and beginning to develop adequate infrastructure for Yogis. This is an intensive Yoga Teacher Training course with a focus on graduating Yoga teachers held in a casual surfcamp as opposed to a luxury wellness retreat for relaxation and restoration.


Our training venue has European style toilets. However, not all venues in Morocco do. Our advise is to always have tissues and hand sanitiser in your bag with you when you are out and about. Sometimes you may find here that bathrooms run our of toilet paper or soap. We do our best to prevent this but unfortunately things can move very slowly in Morocco and sometimes patience is a requirement for the most basic of requests.

Blankets/Cosy Socks and Hoodies

A major misconception about Morocco is that it is always hot. However, in the mornings and the evenings it can become quite chilly and drop to 9/10 degrees.

Most venues in Morocco don't have heating or air conditioning and are open plan. 

We train early morning through to evening. As a result, there can be quite a variation in the temperature we experience from morning to evening during one day of training.


 In the early morning, before the sun has risen, it can sometimes be quite chilly. As we meditate on the rooftop to the rising sun and practise pranayama to the most stunning of sunrises overlooking Taghazout bay, it must be noted that we are on an open rooftop terrace. As you will not be moving, your body temperature is likely to fall. So, be sure to bring lots of cosy clothes in preparation for this!

An idea is, to wear cosy tracksuit bottoms over your Yoga leggings, a cosy jumper over your Yoga top. Everyone is required to bring 1x cosy Blanket. And, if possible, bring cosy/fluffy socks you might wear at home.

Clothes & Culture (for Women)

In Taghazout you are not required to follow the strict 'cover up' Muslim dress-code that you might find in other places.  Many tourists go around in t-shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts.
However, you do tend to get less attention and it is more respectful of the culture to dress with longer clothes (choosing to cover top or bottom - eg. covering either the knees with a longer skirt, trousers, leggings etc or instead the chest and shoulders with a shirt or cardigan etc) It's a very casual village very used to surf tourism from Europe. There are people who wear European Style Summer clothes. So, with minimum efforts ( leggings/longer shorts/longer skirts, tops covering chest/shoulders etc) you shouldn't make many mistakes dress-code wise in comparison.

Taghazout is very very relaxed and laid back and not a town for fancy elegant clothes and high heels. You won't see many women dressed in a high-fashion way like this. You might bring nice elegant clothes for going out in Agadir if you wish.

Taghazout Supermarkets/Food Shopping

There are no big supermarkets in Taghazout. There are only small corner-shops where you can get all of the basics and necessities.
There are big supermarkets for grocery shopping in Agadir city (eg. Marjane & Carrefour). Is it advisable if you are staying in an apartment  with a kitchen to get a taxi and do a big shop in Agadir at the beginning of your time in Taghazout when you will have a little extra time off.  For better value on food there are souks (local markets) in neighbouring villages (eg. Banana Village local souk on Wednesdays from 8am) but the times and days may clash with your course.

Finally, there are plenty of very affordable cafes and restaurants all around Taghazout within walking distance of both the training venue and the shared apartments where you can get all meals at very affordable prices.


Yoga Equipment

The venue has Yoga mats and blocks etc. However, this equipment is used daily by the sunset Yoga class which are usually tourists and first time Yoga students.The sea spray tends to wear away at the existing equipment. As a result we recommend that you bring your own Yoga mat. Know that you will have 'homework' and you will need your yoga mat in your accommodation for this. 


ATMs & Cash

Something that many people are not aware of is that there is no ATM machine in Taghazout. The nearest ATM machine is in Banana Village, 10/15 mins drive away.

So, be sure to prepare to bring cash with you in advance of arriving in Taghazout.


Airport Transfer

If you require an airport transfer, we can arrange that for you from Agadir, Marrakesh or Essouira at an additional fee.


As you might know already, buffet breakfast is included on course days.

It will be important for us to know your dietary requirements in advance of the course so that the cafe team can best prepare.  Note again that while the cafe is one of the most popular within the town with expats and tourists, as we are in Morocco, it cannot be expected to be of European standard.

Watch your Step

This might be a strange tip but you will be coming to the venue in the mornings before sunrise. There are lots of big drops and uneven paths  as you walk through Taghazout on the ocean front especially. Sometimes the drops go right into the water. Please be very very careful and watch your step.



You are very strongly advised to ensure you have travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip. If you want an easy way to go about that, you can very easily purchase your travel insurance online from companies such as


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