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Daughters of Flowers
warrior sensitive deodorant cream

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Daughters of Flowers

Warrior Natural Deodorant Cream - Sensitive

~Grapefruit, Geranium & Green Tea



This deodorant cream works with your body (not against it) to combat odours using natural fragrances and ancient ingredients all sustainably sourced from our sweet mamma earth.

Perspiration is your body's way of eliminating toxins from your body.

Rather than blocking up your precious sweat glands to prevent perspiration, this cream works by drying up the excess moisture and by making your armpits smell daisy fresh!


Organic plant oils and shea butter nourish and moisturise. Magnesium and arrowroot keep you nice and dry while plant essential oils add a refreshing scent.

Daughters of Flowers
mellonia cleansing balm & mask - face

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Daughters of Flowers

Mellonia Cleansing Balm and Mask - Face

~Grapefruit, Geranium & Green Tea


With red rose, wildflower honey and linden blossom


Mellonia is named in honour of the ancient Greek goddess of honey and the majestic bee. Infused over three moon cycles with wild yarrow, cottage roses and foraged linden flowers, this cleansing balm has been specially designed to deeply nourish your skin as you wash away impurities.

It also works as a nourishing mask, gently hydrating your skin with raw organic honey and plant oils of camellia and jojoba.

Daughters of Flowers
titania soothing facial serum

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Daughters of Flowers

Titania Soothing Facial Serum


With a trinity of roses, hawthorn & marshmallow


Titania is a gentle and soothing moisturiser suitable for all skin types with a delicate scent of rose. Slowly infused over three moon cycles, it harnesses the botanical extracts of wild Irish roses, cottage grown roses and Bulgarian damask roses along with hawthorn blossom, pink yarrow, chickweed, chamomile, marshmallow root, hibiscus, honeysuckle, comfrey and lemon balm. These combine to deeply nourish and balance sensitive skin and may soothe redness prone skin.

Daughters of Flowers
oenone nourishing cleansing oil

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 12.46.11.png

Daughters of Flowers

Oenone Cleansing Oil


With summer lavender, marshmallow root & rosemary flower


Named after the mountain nymph and daughter of the river, whose knowledge of herbs was remembered by the poets, this nourishing and enriching cleansing oil will leave your skin feeling full, cared for and deeply cleansed. Moisturising oils of jojoba, camellia and blackcurrant combine with nurturing plant extracts of marshmallow and rosemary to support our skin and help remove impurities without disrupting our skin’s microbiome. This cleanser is essential oil extract free and is scented lightly with the natural sweetness of lavender.

Lucy's Soap Kitchen
cider & ginger shampoo bar


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Cider & Ginger Solid Shampoo Bar


This natural solid shampoo bar is natural and sensitive skin friendly.Excellent for cleansing the hair, soothing the scalp to leave your hair soft and shiny. A unisex product that is idea for travel as not only can it be used for the hair and body, it is excellent for shaving also. Pack less products whilst travelling. Reduce your use of plastic in general. Switch to affordable, natural, organic and local solutions.

Lucy's Soap Kitchen
other shampoo bars


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Lavender Rose Solid Shampoo Bar

Sunburst Solid Shampoo Bar

Bare Solid Shampoo Bar


Here's the thing. Once you transition to Shampoo Bars you won't be going back to chemical store-bought shampoos anytime soon!

Switch up your haircare regime bar to bar..

This natural solid shampoo bar is natural and sensitive skin friendly.Excellent for cleansing the hair, soothing the scalp to leave your hair soft and shiny. A unisex product that is ideal for travel.


Switch to affordable, natural, organic and local solutions.

Solidoh Hair Conditioner Bar

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 15.08.52.png

Solidoh Vegan  Hair Conditioner Bar

with Argan Oil 


Regenerate your hair naturally with the detangling and restructuring solid conditioner.


It contains valuable ingredients such as argan oil, babassu oil, flaxseed oil and many others, but above all a vitamin pool composed of vitamin H, better known as biotin, vitamin E , with extraordinary antioxidant effects and provitamin B5, better known as panthenol, which has detangling and moisturizing effects.




Pampering for you, love for the Planet!


Switch to affordable, natural and organic  solutions.

Solidoh Soap Bar Bag

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 15.06.38.png

Solidoh Soap Bar Bag


Sisal is a natural fiber obtained from the tree of the Sisilian agave, native to Mexico.


Solidoh Sisal Bags are perfect for holding your solid cosmetic at home, for carrying it on the go, or in your gym bag.


They can also be used as a sponge leaving the product inside: the sisal fabric allows you to create a soft foam and also has a delicate exfoliating effect on the skin. Very useful to be able to use your solid cosmetics to the last bit!


The convenient strap allows you to hang, even in the shower cubicle, the bag with one of our solid cosmetics inside. Alternatively, you can leave it open by the pool or wherever you want and place your cosmetic on it to dry.


Switch to affordable, natural and organic  solutions.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 15.03.21.png

Bamboo Soap Dish

Bamboo Fiber Soap Dish


Crafted from natural bamboo, this soap dish has an essential design that fits tastefully with any decor style.


Compostable and 100% recyclable, it is an ecological and practical choice for storing solid cosmetics and soaps.


It is completely natural and plastic free, free of glues and paints: an absolutely perfect sustainable choice for those who care about protecting the environment! The soap dish is composed of two pieces: a drip tray made of bamboo fiber and a grid with grooves made of bamboo wood.

The upper rack is easily separated from the container below, allowing a comfortable washing; its main function is to allow the soap to dry, avoiding waste and unpleasant stagnation in the water below.


Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world? It can grow up to a meter a day! This is why it is a symbol of sustainability.


Switch to affordable, natural and organic  solutions.

Lucy's Soap Kitchen
eucalyptus & tea tree
shaving soap


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Eucalytus & Tea Tree Handmade Shaving Soap Tin


This handmade shaving soap contains Bentonite, Cocoa Butter and Castor Oil. It has a creamy and skin conditioning lather and is excellent for dry, sensitive skin. With the fresh scent of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils and the skin healing benefits of an organic Lavender infusion.

Supplied in a 100gram tin - Ideal for travel



Locally made

The idea switch up to reduce plastic use and toxins within your skincare regime

Lucy's Soap Kitchen
chocolate lips
lip balm


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Handmade Chocolate Lips Lip Balm

Supplied in tin casing


This soothing and moisturising lip balm is made with some truly delicious and nourishing ingredients.

Organic unrefined raw cacao has a subtle, completely natural chocolate aroma and leaves and equally subtle tint on the lips. Organic and unrefined coconut also maintains a subtle aroma. Johoba oil and organic castor bean oil feel amazing on the lips and give a soft sheen.

Lucy's Soap Kitchen
Handmade Organic Soaps


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Rose Blush Natural Handmade Soap


A blend of lavender, rose geranium and gluten free pats to sooth, uplift and balance. French Pink Clay to gently our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Detoxify Natural Handmade Soap


Gently draw out toxins with deep cleansing activated charcoal and French Green our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Bleating Lovely Natural Handmade Soap


Unscented and gentle for delicate and sensitive skin. With Irish Goats milk, avocado oil and shea our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Blooming Zesty Natural Handmade Soap


Organic calendula and gluten free oats gently soothe.

Lime and lemongrass have natural antiseptic properties and fabulous deep citrus our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Honey Bee Natural Handmade Soap


An unscented blend for sensitive skin.

With anti-bacterial honey, anti-inflammatory gluten free oats and lashings of shea our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Coffee Bean Natural Handmade Soap


A naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour 100% Arabica coffee kitchen soap. Perfect for coffee lovers and foodies our packaging is biodegradable ♡


Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Cinnamon and Orange Natural Handmade Soap


A warming, seasonal blend with creamy coconut milk, sweet orange, cinnamon and our packaging is biodegradable ♡



Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Labhander  Natural Handmade Soap


A simple yet effective blend of Lavender and Gluten Free Oats to gently calm the sense and sooth dermatitis and irritated our packaging is biodegradable ♡



Lucy's Soap Kitchen

Gardener's Delight Natural Handmade Soap


Look after those hard working hands with anti-oxidant rich tomato and mango butter, raspberry seeds gently exfoliate to the aroma of bergamot and our packaging is biodegradable ♡

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