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architecture of the soul

A journey through the chakras

- with international best selling author

  Anodea Judith(phd)


This self-paced video course is chock full of insights about the inner psychology of the chakras, along with exercises from yoga and bioenergetics to address the issues. The result is a comprehensive overhaul of your chakra system...

Watch the first video for FREE below!

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Overview of the

chakrA system

  • Are you aware of your own chakras?

  • Do you know how to diagnose imbalances?

  • Do you know what techniques to use to bring your chakras back into alignment?

Have you found a healing practice for body & spirit to make you feel grounded, whole, and more spiritually aligned?


This enlightening course will nurture you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

new!! discounted price:  €229 per person


100% online

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Follow along with your laptop or phone from the comfort of your own home.

What is the chakra system?

In Yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called chakras.


✨When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we–physically, emotionally, and in our relationships.

But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves.


✨In this unique and inspiring program, renowned author, workshop presenter, and the world’s leading authority on the Chakras, Anodea Judith, Ph.D. guides you through easy poses, affirmations, and mantras (simple chants) that open and balance the chakras. More than a series of exercises, this is a complete mind-body-spirit practice. Your energy flowers and your life force flows. You feel a new sense of happiness, peace, and wholeness.