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New Year, New You

2020 was not exactly what we expected...

And we're guessing that for many of you, you'll be welcoming in a fresh new year with a sigh of relief!

And perhaps, with so much time for reflection in 2020, you've got some great ideas for your New Year's resolutions.

If you're anything like us, New Year's resolutions are great in theory, but they can be really hard to maintain for a whole year - why does it always seem like the same resolutions make it to our lists year after year?! 😿

One thing we learned in 2020 as a global collective is that health matters. We're going to make a wild guess that you knew that already though! That you've been cultivating your practice for a while because you know the benefit of good health. And now, finally, it seems like others are starting to understand that our busy, hectic lifestyles are not serving us. By allowing us time away from our desks, the pandemic has shown us that living in a state of stress has been making us sick, raising our cortisol, and leaving us feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

So what about if you make a slightly more tangible New Year's resolution this year? One that can teach you the tools and the techniques to not only cultivate your own inner peace, but also allow you to get certified to share this gift with others in your community, at a time when it is so very needed?

This is why an online Yoga Teacher Training should be on your New Year's resolution list! Whether you’re further advanced into your yoga practice, or whether you’re just starting out, there are several reasons why an Online Yoga Teacher Training should be on your resolution list.

Why? Ready... Here we go!

It’s online!

You might be surprised that this is the first benefit but hear us out:

First things first, The pandemic has moved Yoga Teacher training courses online, offering schools new and improved ways to offer teachings! For example, with BeWell, you can now:

✅ Take your yoga theory classes as walk-home podcasts

✅ Learn anatomy in an interactive 3D e-learning format

✅ Join live classes for an immersive experience

✅ Re-watch your favourite yoga lab recordings as and when you need them.

What’s more, our online course is flexible enough to work it around your 9-5, so you can train to be a yoga teacher without quitting your day job just yet!

Second, you can take advantage of much cheaper prices. Many yoga teacher trainings have decided to slash costs to reflect the at-home experience, making a YTT much more financially accessible than ever before.

Thirdly, if the reason you haven’t taken a YTT so far is because you’re too shy to join a group in a studio, this is your chance to shine from the comfort of your living room!

If this alone hasn’t got you looking for courses yet, here are more reasons why you might want to use this New Year as an excuse to chase your passions.

Yoga is for everybody, anywhere, anytime

Just as yoga is for everybody, so too is a Yoga Teacher Training. In fact, perhaps you'd be surprised to know that many people join a Yoga Teacher Training with little to no previous experience of yoga!

Although many schools encourage students to try and gain some experience before attempting a Yoga Teacher Training, it is not essential. Everything you need to know about yoga will be taught on the course. And, as an introduction into yoga, you can't get anything more thorough than the YTT!

For those with a passion to learn and an openness to try, a Yoga Teacher Training is available to you, no matter how much or how little experience you have.

You will learn new things about your body

In any thorough Yoga Teacher Training, you will be led through several ‘asana labs’ where you will get to fully dissect different postures – and how your body expresses them. This way, you’ll have a whole new and holistic understanding of the hows and most importantly, the whys of your asana practice.

One of the major benefits of understanding how your body works is that you’ll learn how to avoid injury in all life’s activities. In turn, this will enable you not only to develop a much stronger sense of bodily awareness, but will also instruct you on how to best take care of your mind and body at any point in your life.

You’ll become (more) aware and in control of your strength

In your yoga teacher training, you will be tested; your will, ability to hold postures, and to focus, your ability to speak in front of people will all be strengthened. Having stepped out of your comfort zone, you will come out of the other side of your training not only feeling physically stronger, but also mentally and emotionally stronger too.

That's at least ten New Year's resolutions killed with one stone!

You will forge new relationships

There is nothing quite like going through the experience of a yoga teacher training together with like-minded individuals who’ll only strengthen and support you throughout your journey. You will understand each other in a very unique way at the end of your course, and there is a good chance that you’ll establish strong, life-lasting friendships.

2020 has been an especially difficult year for meeting new people, and so this is an excellent opportunity to widen your social circle!

You will deepen your asana and spiritual practices

This goes without saying – the attention to detail, the longer practice sessions and the newfound awareness of alignment will all help you take your practice to a whole new level.

On a spiritual level, the study of the Yoga Sutras, the pranayama, and the meditation practices that will be brought into your life through your training will most likely help you to strengthen your spiritual practice. These are ever-lasting tools that you can use in your daily life to connect to yourself in a deeper way. No matter what your current spiritual practices are, there is a good chance they will be deepened through your training.

You will have better control over your mind

You will start to notice more of your thought patterns in asana, in meditation, and even in lectures, and this information will help you tune into your mental tracts. In doing so, you will gain a clearer understanding of how the mind currently works, and you will then have the information you need to help you make changes if needed.

Generally, the act of becoming aware is the most powerful tool for transformation.

You will connect with your true self in a more profound way

Through learning how your unique body works, how your unique mind works, and through your deepened spiritual practices, you will most likely walk away with a deeper sense of who you are as an individual. This will help bolster your confidence in everyday life, and help better tune in with, understand, acknowledge and assert yourself.

You will learn the art of expressing yourself

Through the practice of teaching, you will learn how to communicate, and express yourself effectively both verbally and through body language. Through this practice you will be able not only to sharpen your communication skills, allowing you to translate your thoughts and feelings more effectively to others, but also improve your listening skills and empathy, becoming able to effectively read and help others.

You will gain confidence in your abilities

You will fall. You will stumble. You will stutter over your words. But most importantly, you will learn the art of picking yourself up, laughing it off and continuing on. You will walk out of your training with a new sense of how much you can do, how far you can go, and how amazing you are—right here in this moment.

This is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you might want to stop waiting around for the right time to come, and embark on the journey of pursuing your dreams and passions.

Looking to get started? Our next online Yoga Teacher Training intake starts January 13th. Just in time for you to shake of the 2020 cobwebs and get started on something new for 2021! Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we look forward to welcoming you into the new year with our New Year New You Yoga Teacher Training for 2021!

Wishing you all a happy New Year!

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