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What is Conscious Flow?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

There really is one way to understand conscious flow yoga. That is to experience it!

But, if you're someone who likes to know all about something before trying it out, we've got you!

It all started with ecstatic dance, a practice with its roots in the deeply spiritual Hawaii. Ecstatic dance is popular among yoga and holistic communities. This is a tribal like trance dance ceremony where a DJ (also known as an ecstatic dance DJ) plays a mixed of extremely carefully curated 'World' style music.

Participants dance to the music in a free dance, judgement-free safe and sacred space. There is no alcohol or drugs allowed. People are usually barefoot and following a no talking, no touching, no heavy scented perfume type etiquette.

It's really all about the music. A clever ecstatic dance DJ will understand how to open the ceremony choosing the right music to set the tone. To support the participant in transcending from the outer world into the inner body and mind experience, This is followed by lifting the spirit and heartbeat of the participant with a cleverly curated sequence of music. Some songs are linear and allow us to move left and right to the beat. Other songs are circular, encouraging opening and wider movements.

The DJ lifts the tone of the evening to a 'Peak' or ' Catharsis' where the participants can completely let go and 'dance as though no one is watching'. This is followed by a cruise.....cruising along...slowly coming down before enjoying a set list for integration or relaxation following the transcendence or 'journey'. A good ecstatic dance will give the same feeling afterwards as a beautifully sequenced yoga session or massage.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where it's not so easy to 'free flow' dance. People are so used to living 'inside the lines' that they find it difficult to let go and just move in a way that is completely freeing. Anything outside of the box can feel silly or make people feel self conscious.

This is where 'Conscious Flow Yoga' comes in.

Conscious Flow Yoga is a stepping stone. Not quite pure ecstatic dance...more a guided yoga and 'freeing dance' session where the facilitator makes open ended yoga inspired suggestions for movements to the music.

The movements are curated. The facilitator is a yoga teacher and ensures the session is sequenced in a way that the body enjoy the same benefits one would from a regular gentle yoga class.

For those who are not so familiar with dancing, who feel awkward or who haven't danced in a while, they can enjoy this guidance to get started! The lights are super low...only on the alignment within postures and 'being correct' are not the top priority in terms of the moves. What's important is...'how do the moves make you feel'. The exercise is deeply based on exploring energy-work rather than an exercise or stretching class (not that Yoga is exercise and stretching...but that's a whole other Blog Post!)

For those who love dance and feel full of confidence there is always the freedom to 'freestyle' or 'free dance'. While there is always someone at the top of the room making suggestions that fit in with the music and encourage dancing and flowing as per the 'waves' of the mix, they are only suggestions and free dance is encouraged.

If you are a music lover, a dance lover or a movement lover this one's for you. If you are someone who needs to exercise but cannot bear the thought of traditional exercise this is worth trying as a fun solution. Your heart-rate will increase. You will need water! But this is a gentle and fun approach to movement so you'll barely feel like you are exercising! If you are someone who gets energy by trying new fun things this is for you. Finally, if you find that life can get stagnant and you need to shake things up...this is definitely one way to do it! For those who are interested in 'energy' and diving deeper into unblocking energy and lifting energy through movement, again this definitely is worth exploring.

Ecstatic dance popularity has grown in very small niche pockets, usually in modern day melting pot yoga-centric communities and areas such as Ubud -Bali,Chang Mai -Thailand, Amsterdam, Berlin, London and areas of Portugal to name a few. Not to mention Hawaii, LA and California in general. It's popularity is slowly rising. Just like the celebration of Cacao we are sure this one's going to explode on the general main stream yoga scene in the coming years. And we are extremely proud to be one of the very few and first providers sharing this type of session in Ireland at present.

Indeed, Conscious Flow Yoga is something we created asa safe and accessible 'bridge' or 'stepping stone' towards enjoyment of ecstatic dance ceremony!

Enjoy Conscious Yoga Flow - with Miriam

Upcoming Sessions

Sunday April 10th - 10am - 12pm

Sunday May 29th - 10am - 12pm

Cacao + Ecstatic Dance Ceremony - with Miriam

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