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Our Luna Goddess Necklace celebrates your monthly cycle, as you move through each of your own unique phases. Connecting to the moon's monthly path awakens a deep understanding of your divine power and all that you have to offer to yourself and the world.

✰ Material: 925. sterling silver

✰ Length: 18” Inch

✰ 100% nickel-free

✰ Water-proof

✰ Handmade with love by talented artisans


*For delivery outside Ireland please proceed all the way through with your purchase selecting 'pick up in store' . This way we can place aside your order items on reserve while we organising shipping with you separately.

Luna Goddess Necklace Sterling Silver

Sold Out. Pre-Order Only. We will do everything in our power to get your pre-order to you before Christmas. If it's not possible we will credit your payment and let you know by a pre-agreed date that works for you. Thank you, The BeWell Store
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