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Be Still Within with Yin
50 Hours Foundations of Yin Course

by BeWell


a 50 hours Yin yoga Training course suitable for everyone...
We welcome students of yoga, teachers of yoga, those curious about yin and everyone in between...

whether you're here to develop your knowledge of yin yoga and begin a solid home self practise, or to learn the tools to deliver yin yoga into your community, you're in the right place...

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Miriam - Lead trainer
A note from your lead trainer

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've experienced the deeply soothing benefits of a good Yin Yoga Session.

And if you haven't yet, you can enjoy a complimentary online session here on this link.


Yin can be described in so many ways. It's extremely challenging to sum it all up in one short description. However, when doing this I like to refer to the concept of 'Soma'.


Soma is described in some texts as 'the nectar of the moon.' Passages describe a nectar of immortality, pure love and bliss.  By bathing in the light of the full moon and meditating, it is believed that we can invite the nectar of the moon within and cultivate Soma. It is said to strengthen our immune system, clear our mind and inject us with new vitality.

This beautiful concept also sums up Yin Yoga. A practise where we  slow everything down. Where we journey  very deep within.

A ritual where we explore our inner landscape whilst all the while strengthening our awareness and observation of the natural world around us. Our cycles. Nature's cycles. Seasons. And how all of this is ultimately interconnected.

We are living in a chaotic yang driven modern society which stretches us in multiple directions. Modern life depletes us of the energy we need to truly relish in the simple pleasures of life. Everyone is completely burned out.


It is my belief that we have two options.

1. Point the finger and continue on contributing to this unsustainable collective and personal cycle. 


2. Understand that we have a choice. We can take on a personal responsibility to  stop, to slow down, to recharge, and to reintroduce that spaciousness we ultimately need to begin to feel vibrant and energetic again.

Yin has all of the tools we need to do this. Yin has so many of the answers. And it's a practise that's accessible to everyone regardless of strength, flexibility, 'level', understanding, background etc.

Over the past few years I have been cultivating this offering for The BeWell Community. I've personally come from a personal space and background of working in absolute chaos and vital energy depletion. Using Yin Yoga, I pulled the handbrake and re-organised my entire life and daily habits. 

I firmly believe that BeWell is not just another yoga school. Anyone who has studied with us knows we are all on a collective mission. That mission is to share simple tools, accessible for everyone, rooted in ancient yogic history to bring everyone back to their unique magic & balance.​ Life can be fascinating. A simple breath observed in all of it's intricate detail can create wonder...

If you are someone who is seeking to reintroduce balance and replenish your energy and zest for life once again, this course will serve you well. If you are someone who believes in our mission and wishes to share simple tools and practises with your community, this course will show you how to do just that.

I cannot wait to see you in June 2022 to explore the incredible, life-changing world of Yin Yoga together.


choose in person + online or 100% Online 

  • 50+ Hours of our course is delivered live online and in person

  • digital training materials also provided

  • course counts towards 50 hours Continuing education (ce) with Yoga Alliance (ya)

Psst.....Coming soon for 2023!



Our Headquarters @ BeWell Longford, Ireland


Taghazout, Morocco // Ibiza, Spain// Corfu, Greece// Lake Como, Italy... info and dates coming soon!

Until then, we are running our 12 Months Course...

Anyone following the BeWell journey over the last number of years will know it's been a long time coming... And anyone familiar with Yin will know that Yin Yoga is not a process that can be 'sped up' and quickly delivered. It's necessary to go deep. To sit with it. To let settle. And out of that it will slowly and surely arrive and be 'born'.


And here it is...

Our 50 hours Foundations of Yin Yoga course.

A retreat style deep dive fully immersive experience.

Choose to study in person at our Studio in Longford or study online via live stream for our 50Hours Live Sessions. Gain all of the tools and information you need to strongly deepen your yin yoga and introspective or indeed to  teach Yin Yoga to your community.​

  • Limited In Person Spots available at our studio in Longford Town

  • Limited online spots available 


Yin Yoga 50xHours Training

Be Still Within with Yin - 12 Months Experience

5xIntakes in the year

  • Late Summer Intake (Late August 2022)

  • Autumn Intake (November 2022)

  • Winter Intake (January 2023)

  • Spring Intake (April 2023)

  • Summer Intake (July 2023)

The Course Structure

  • Join unlimited Monday 20.30-21.30pm Yin Yoga sessions via Zoom for 12 months

  • Join up to 25xMonday 20.30-21.30pm in-person Yin classes over the 12 months (booking essential -first come first served)

  • Attend the following 5x Seasonal workshops in-person or online


♡ 'Yin'Dulge  - Late Summer// Earth Element Workshop (4 hours)
Saturday 27th August 2022
12.00 -16.00pm

♡ 'Yin'Dulge  - Autumn// Metal Element Workshop (4 hours)

Saturday 22nd October 2022
12.00 -16.00pm

♡ 'Yin'Dulge  - Winter//Water Element Workshop (4 hours)

Sunday 27th November 2022
12.00 -16.00pm

♡ 'Yin'Dulge  - Spring //Wood Element Workshop (4 hours)

Saturday 1st April 2023 

12.00 -16.00pm

♡ 'Yin'Dulge  - Summer// Fire Element Workshop (4 hours)

Saturday 1st July 2023

12.00 -16.00pm


Optional Attendance


Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Study Group/Discussion Group/ Q&A

(Always the day after the "Yin' Dulge Workshop)​​

  • Sunday 27th August 2022 10-11.00am

  • Sunday 27th August -Chat and Q&A with Diana Batts (time tbd)

  • Sunday 23rd Oct 2022 10-11am

  • Sunday 27th Nov 2022 10-11am

  • Sunday 2nd April 2023 10-11am

  • Sunday 2nd July 2023 10-11am


Attendance @  1x Yin Teacher Training Weekend delivered in person or online 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 2023 @ BeWell Longford

  • Saturday 7th January 2023 12.00-17.00 

  • Sunday 8th January 2023  12.00-17.00


Saturday 10th June 2023 12.00-17.00

Saturday 11th June 2023 12.00-17.00


Participants will be encouraged to complete

  • regular journalling 

  • regular intention setting

  • regular self practise of specific postures (linked to season/element)

  • regular meditation


Participants wishing to complete the teacher training element as part of Yoga Alliance CPD will complete

  • regular journalling and submit

  • regular intention setting and submit

  • regular self practise of specific postures (linked to season/element) and submit

  • regular journalling of meditation and submit

  • video recording of teaching practise and submit

  • teaching practise

  • theory exam


'Emotional stress is a major cause of physical illness, from cancer to autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system.' Dr. Gabor Maté


This is a course that is suitable for everyone. Students of yoga, teachers of yoga, wannabe teachers of yoga or those new to yoga. It's a course that fits all levels and everyone will take away any learnings regardless of where you are in your yoga journey.

If you’ve been saying to yourself:


❌  I would love to start a regular yoga practise to relax my body, mind and soul!

❌  I am burned out and I want to do something about it...

❌  I see that the world is chaotic, unsustainable and is crisis.  I want to do something to change that.

❌  I don’t know where to start with an at home self practise...

❌. I have fallen out of a regular yoga practise

❌  I don’t have the time to do a 200 hours yoga teacher training but would love a short course I could potentially teach yoga after

❌  I’m not sure I’m good enough to be a teacher

Then you’re not alone. Many of our students feel this way when they start out. We’ve been there too! And that’s why we’ve created a course that provides you with all the tools you need to develop your own self practise and eventually teach yin yoga to your wider community.

Our online or in person training is for everybody and literally any body with:

✅ A passion for sharing yoga and wellness

✅ A willingness to try something new

✅ A curiosity to take their practice deeper

✅ Access to a laptop, phone or any other type of electronic device that connects to the internet (if you are attending the online version)

⁠🎧 Walk & Listen

We understand digital fatigue is a real issue. We also understand the importance of spending time in nature and getting fresh air. That's why we give you the option of reading your texts or instead listening to Podcasts for a large segments of your theory-work. Why not get your steps and some fresh air in as you progress through the course? Remember, you saw it here first 🌱


🌸 Ongoing Access

Enjoy ongoing access to the recorded sessions and materials even when the course has finished. So, when you finish the course you can go back and really relish in  the sessions anytime!

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Alignment)

You can be guaranteed you will leave the course with a clear overview of your teaching practise. You will be required to create a video submission of your practise teaching. We video review this and send your feedback on your teaching. We also offer you the option to sit with you one to one  via video or in person to discuss all of the details. (Note that one to one sessions is a additional service with additional fees) This service proved super popular with our online yoga teacher trainees last year.

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Teaching Practise)

You may not be interested in the teaching aspect...but if you are keep reading

We have a sliding scale of what we look at in terms of your teaching practise development. Some people will need support with confidence. Others will need support with how they energetically deliver their teaching.

Either way we review your unique style of teaching and discuss where you are and what unique and individual goalposts you can work towards to reach your potential. 

🌸 One to One Unique Discussion & Review (Meditation)

We firmly believe that teaching practise is not just about practising delivering a yoga session but is instead highly informed by your meditation and self/home practise habits.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, we you will enjoy themed meditation session throughout the course and be expected to keep a diary. We do not apply 'blanket instructions' regarding meditation to the group. Instead, we give you unique goalposts as per where you are. As a result, all of our Yoga Teacher Trainees experience a deepening in their meditation experience.

🌸 Graduate Community

Your journey as a Yoga Teacher does not end after your course. Upon graduation enjoy access to the BeWell Yoga Inner Circle (Graduate Group) where we enjoy ongoing periodic training workshops, camaraderie and explore monthly online ceremony together.

what's covered 

  • What is Yoga

  • a history of yoga & yin yoga
    Yin Vs Yang - The Modern World & Yang addiction

  • Qi & Jing

  • Meridians

  • anatomy - a physiological approach

Sequencing & Theming (Yin & Yang Asana Sessions + Meditation Sessions)

Autumn: Letting go 
Winter: Water 
Spring: Growth

Summer: Joy
Late Summer: The Harvest
Earth element
Metal element
Water element
Wood element
Fire element


  • the 26 yin yoga postures

  • adaptations
    the rebound & the counterpose
    physical & energetic benefits (east meets west)
    Yin Krama
    teaching methodology (voice, language, space)

    practise teaching


** Online Students -Live sessions  all have optional attendance, so you can alway catch up with recordings later, making this course completely flexible to your schedule .

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Now, more than ever, we need skilled wellness facilitators, passionate community carers and inspirational local leaders to blaze the trail toward collective mental and physical balance, awareness and truth. 

Are you feeling called ?


As a time of heightened collective consciousness draws in, we