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Be Still Within with Yin
50 Hours Foundations of Yin Course

by BeWell


a 50 hours Yin yoga Training course suitable for everyone...
We welcome students of yoga, teachers of yoga, those curious about yin and everyone in between...

whether you're here to develop your knowledge of yin yoga and begin a solid home self practise, or to learn the tools to deliver yin yoga into your community, you're in the right place...

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Miriam - Lead trainer
A note from your lead trainer

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've experienced the deeply soothing benefits of a good Yin Yoga Session.

And if you haven't yet, you can enjoy a complimentary online session here on this link.


Yin can be described in so many ways. It's extremely challenging to sum it all up in one short description. However, when doing this I like to refer to the concept of 'Soma'.


Soma is described in some texts as 'the nectar of the moon.' Passages describe a nectar of immortality, pure love and bliss.  By bathing in the light of the full moon and meditating, it is believed that we can invite the nectar of the moon within and cultivate Soma. It is said to strengthen our immune system, clear our mind and inject us with new vitality.

This beautiful concept also sums up Yin Yoga. A practise where we  slow everything down. Where we journey  very deep within.

A ritual where we explore our inner landscape whilst all the while strengthening our awareness and observation of the natural world around us. Our cycles. Nature's cycles. Seasons. And how all of this is ultimately interconnected.

We are living in a chaotic yang driven modern society which stretches us in multiple directions. Modern life depletes us of the energy we need to truly relish in the simple pleasures of life. Everyone is completely burned out.


It is my belief that we have two options.

1. Point the finger and continue on contributing to this unsustainable collective and personal cycle. 


2. Understand that we have a choice. We can take on a personal responsibility to  stop, to slow down, to recharge, and to reintroduce that spaciousness we ultimately need to begin to feel vibrant and energetic again.

Yin has all of the tools we need to do this. Yin has so many of the answers. And it's a practise that's accessible to everyone regardless of strength, flexibility, 'level', understanding, background etc.

Over the past few years I have been cultivating this offering for The BeWell Community. I've personally come from a personal space and background of working in absolute chaos and vital energy depletion. Using Yin Yoga, I pulled the handbrake and re-organised my entire life and daily habits. 

I firmly believe that BeWell is not just another yoga school. Anyone who has studied with us knows we are all on a collective mission. That mission is to share simple tools, accessible for everyone, rooted in ancient yogic history to bring everyone back to their unique magic & balance.​ Life can be fascinating. A simple breath observed in all of it's intricate detail can create wonder...

If you are someone who is seeking to reintroduce balance and replenish your energy and zest for life once again, this course will serve you well. If you are someone who believes in our mission and wishes to share simple tools and practises with your community, this course will show you how to do just that.

I cannot wait to see you in September to explore the incredible, life-changing world of Yin Yoga together.


choose in person + online or 100% Online 

  • 50+ Hours of our course is delivered live online and in person

  • all sessions are recorded with life-time access following the course

  • digital training materials also provided

  • course counts towards 50 hours Continuing education (ce) with Yoga Alliance (ya)

Anyone following the BeWell journey over the last number of years will know it's been a long time coming... And anyone familiar with Yin will know that Yin Yoga is not a process that can be 'sped up' and quickly delivered. It's necessary to go deep. To sit with it. To let settle. And out of that it will slowly and surely arrive and be 'born'.


And here it is...

Our 50 hours Foundations of Yin Yoga course.

A retreat style deep dive fully immersive experience.


We are so excited to deliver our course 100% Live direct from our brand new Yoga Studio in Longford town. This means we will have spots (albeit limited and subject to government restrictions) to allow people to  attend the course in person also!

Choose to study in person at our Studio in Longford or study online via live stream for our 50Hours Live Sessions over 10x Consecutive Days in 2022. Gain all of the tools and information you need to strongly deepen your yin yoga and introspective or indeed to  teach Yin Yoga to your community...all before Christmas break.

  • Limited In Person Spots available at our studio in Longford Town

  • Limited online spots available 

  • 10xConsecutive Days On Location or via Online

  • 5xCore Hours Daily followed by @ homework exercises each evening

  • Optional studio based Teaching Practise activities for in-person candidates

  • Organised recreational activities for in-person candidates



March 11th -  20th @ BeWell Longford, Ireland


July 15th -  24th  @ Lake Como, Italy



September 16th - 25th  @ Taghazout, Morocco


November 18th - 27th  @ BeWell Longford, Ireland


'Emotional stress is a major cause of physical illness, from cancer to autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system.' Dr. Gabor Maté


This is a course that is suitable for everyone. Students of yoga, teachers of yoga, wannabe teachers of yoga or those new to yoga. It's a course that fits all levels and everyone will take away any learnings regardless of where you are in your yoga journey.

If you’ve been saying to yourself:


❌  I would love to start a regular yoga practise to relax my body, mind and soul!

❌  I am burned out and I want to do something about it...

❌  I see that the world is chaotic, unsustainable and is crisis.  I want to do something to change that.

❌  I don’t know where to start with an at home self practise...

❌. I have fallen out of a regular yoga practise

❌  I don’t have the time to do a 200 hours yoga teacher training but would love a short course I could potentially teach yoga after

❌  I’m not sure I’m good enough to be a teacher

Then you’re not alone. Many of our students feel this way when they start out. We’ve been there too! And that’s why we’ve created a course that provides you with all the tools you need to develop your own self practise and eventually teach yin yoga to your wider community.

Our online or in person training is for everybody and literally any body with:

✅ A passion for sharing yoga and wellness

✅ A willingness to try something new

✅ A curiosity to take their practice deeper

✅ Access to a laptop, phone or any other type of electronic device that connects to the internet (if you are attending the online version)

⁠🎧 Walk & Listen

We understand digital fatigue is a real issue. We also understand the importance of spending time in nature and getting fresh air. That's why we give you the option of reading your texts or instead listening to Podcasts for a large segments of your theory-work. Why not get your steps and some fresh air in as you progress through the course? Remember, you saw it here first 🌱


🌸 Ongoing Access

Enjoy ongoing access to the recorded sessions and materials even when the course has finished. So, when you finish the course you can go back and really relish in  the sessions anytime!

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Alignment)

You can be guaranteed you will leave the course with a clear overview of your teaching practise. You will be required to create a video submission of your practise teaching. We video review this and send your feedback on your teaching. We also offer you the option to sit with you one to one  via video or in person to discuss all of the details. (Note that one to one sessions is a additional service with additional fees) This service proved super popular with our online yoga teacher trainees last year.

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Teaching Practise)

You may not be interested in the teaching aspect...but if you are keep reading

We have a sliding scale of what we look at in terms of your teaching practise development. Some people will need support with confidence. Others will need support with how they energetically deliver their teaching.

Either way we review your unique style of teaching and discuss where you are and what unique and individual goalposts you can work towards to reach your potential. 

🌸 One to One Unique Discussion & Review (Meditation)

We firmly believe that teaching practise is not just about practising delivering a yoga session but is instead highly informed by your meditation and self/home practise habits.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, we you will enjoy themed meditation session throughout the course and be expected to keep a diary. We do not apply 'blanket instructions' regarding meditation to the group. Instead, we give you unique goalposts as per where you are. As a result, all of our Yoga Teacher Trainees experience a deepening in their meditation experience.

🌸 Graduate Community

Your journey as a Yoga Teacher does not end after your course. Upon graduation enjoy access to the BeWell Yoga Inner Circle (Graduate Group) where we enjoy ongoing periodic training workshops, camaraderie and explore monthly online ceremony together.

what's covered 

  • What is Yoga

  • a history of yoga & yin yoga
    Yin Vs Yang - The Modern World & Yang addiction

  • Qi & Jing

  • Meridians

  • anatomy - a physiological approach

Sequencing & Theming (Yin & Yang Asana Sessions + Meditation Sessions)

Autumn: Letting go 
Winter: Water 
Spring: Growth

Summer: Joy
Late Summer: The Harvest
Earth element
Metal element
Water element
Wood element
Fire element


  • the 26 yin yoga postures

  • adaptations
    the rebound & the counterpose
    physical & energetic benefits (east meets west)
    Yin Krama
    teaching methodology (voice, language, space)

    practise teaching


** Online Students -Live sessions  all have optional attendance, so you can alway catch up with recordings later, making this course completely flexible to your schedule .

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Now, more than ever, we need skilled wellness facilitators, passionate community carers and inspirational local leaders to blaze the trail toward collective mental and physical balance, awareness and truth. 

Are you feeling called ?


As a time of heightened collective consciousness draws in, we're creating a community and learning space for teachers who believe in consciousness, community and circularity.


Our mission is to share simple tools, accessible for everyone, rooted in ancient yogic history to bring everyone back to their unique magic & balance.​


Is that a mission you want to be part of? If so, we're ready to meet you where you're at.   New to yoga or old hand. Ready to become a teacher or still on the fence. We welcome you to be a part of our community. 

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The BeWell Yoga Teacher Training programme was a wonderful experience and one which I would recommend to any other students thinking of completing their 200hrs qualification. Miriam, the lead trainer, was fantastic both in her knowledge of yoga and the delivery of the course. I came away not only with a much deeper knowledge of all aspects of yoga but also a new approach, one that is gentler and kinder as to how we approach the teaching of yoga. It was very inclusive to all levels and that is something I strive to emulate in my teaching. 

(Online course graduate , London UK , YTT May-June 2020)


time to look inward

In an ever changing world, where we can no longer freely explore outwardly, we have the unique opportunity to discover a whole other world within.


Our inner world, an undiscovered terrain, can be explored and adventured by means of simple methods from the comfort and safety of our home.


Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises) act as keys that unlock the layers and allow us to adventure into the hidden depths of our mind, body and soul.


Funnily enough, it is the deep exploration, understanding, shedding and rebuilding of our inner world that allows us to truly relish in the most simple details of the outside world.


Come with us on a journey, a journey deep into your mind, body and soul. Together we will explore your unique inner world through meditation, pranayama, yoga and theory sessions, group discussions and workshops. You will emerge from  this journey with the knowledge, skills and passion to take your Yoga Journey to the next level.


All from the comfort and safety of your home..should you so wish.


Bringing their expertise and insight to the course, our experienced team of teachers will be offering you continuous guidance and support throughout the course, ensuring that you get just as much out of our online training as you would a in-person YTT.

Miriam O' Reilly 


Lead trainer and Owner at BeWell Yoga

ERYT® 200

RYT® 500


  • Lead Trainer and Proprietor of BeWell.

  • 10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

  • 6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

  • 1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

  • Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

  • Speaks English, Italian and Spanish 



RYS Accredited yoga alliance 200 hours training school

Miriam began her wellness journey over  8 years ago  in Lake Como, Italy and lived there for about 7 years also.

Her wellness journey has taken her on training courses and retreats in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali in search of learning ancient Wellness skills rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Sound Healing.

Miriam qualified as an internationally recognised RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in January 2015 having studied intensively in Ubud, Bali.


She spent some time offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons in and around Lake Como, Milan and Ticino, Switzerland before moving back to Ireland in Summer 2019 to focus on BeWell and BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School. Since Summer 2019. Miriam has guided over 100+ students from all over the world through the BeWell 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program.


Miriam's passion is  sharing Wellness 'tools and tips' that are individual & unique to each of her students. 


Her passion is empowering people on their personal journey to Wellbeing and coaching people on daily habits and practises to help them reach their highest potential.

Joseph Devlin


Myofascial & Anatomy Educator, Practitioner development Coach. ANMPT.

yoga teacher training online


We are very excited to be joined on our YTT by Joseph Devlin, a neuromuscular therapist, with 10+ years
experience in private practice. Joseph is an experienced online educator and a skilled practitioner who offers great insight into the anatomy section of our course.


During a sabbatical in India, Joseph's interest in yoga - especially Yin - grew. Now he facilitates myofascial release workshops and trains yoga teachers in anatomy. Joseph has an interest in traditional medicine, men’s work and the power of group circles. Topics will range from the fight /flight nervous systems reaction to pain, gate theory and pathophysiology to the advice he has had from the yoga teachers and healers he has worked with.

Joseph calls upon his years of experience to assess posture and movement, educate his clients on specifically what would be of great benefit for them to focus on outside of their sessions. And then working with pressure points, that are holding their over worked muscles into negative patterns of movement.

He utilizes simple tools such as foam rollers and tennis balls to empower his workshop attendees to be able to do their own soft tissue release techniques and achieve a positive change in their movement.

'Had a great time becoming a yoga teacher under the professional instruction and the loving guidance of BeWell!! Thank you!'


-Alina (Taghazout Morocco Yoga Teacher Training Dec-Jan2020)

Why bewell?


50+ Hours of  in person or live online sessions with the full Yoga Teacher Trainee group and Yoga Trainers  


Maximum learning through live interactive workshops together as a group and in micro groups to avoid too much isolated self learning so that you can enjoy a rich and impactful experience rooted in interactive peer learning and social growth.


Consistent and reliable support from the training team for all questions in our live sessions and via email on questions Mon - Fri


Individual feedback for each Yoga Teacher Trainee with trainers to review & guide on individual experience in terms of meditation work,  teaching practise , adaptations and support on coursework.


Support, coaching and guidance from the start right through to successful graduation  and certification  on the last day.


Care, attention and support that recognises you as a unique individual with a unique goal.


Simple, non complex digital solutions making the course accessible for you regardless of what device you use or how much  knowledge you have of technology. Submit your work in the format of your choice and we'll do the rest.

€599 In Person

also Includes

  • 50 Hours Yin Yoga Course Fee

  • All course materials

  • You will get 50xhours of in person tuition and reliable and consistent support throughout course dates

  • You will learn yin asana and meditation techniques

  • You'll get to train with expert teachers

  • Teacher methodology classes will help you to understand the unique needs of individuals and the why and the how of different postures, so you can confidently teach at the end of your course.

  • Our theory of Yoga classes will give you an insight into the history and philosophy behind yin yoga

  • Our expert-lead anatomy classes will give you a thorough understanding of how the body works

  • On completion of the course you'll receive a  Yoga Alliance 50hrs CPD certification.

€499 100% Online

also Includes

  • 60 Hours Yin Yoga Course Fee

  • All course materials

  • You will get 60xhours of online tuition and reliable and consistent support throughout course dates

  • You will learn yin asana and meditation techniques

  • You'll get to train with expert teachers

  • Teacher methodology classes will help you to understand the unique needs of individuals and the why and the how of different postures, so you can confidently teach at the end of your course.

  • Our theory of Yoga classes will give you an insight into the history and philosophy behind yin yoga

  • Our expert-lead anatomy classes will give you a thorough understanding of how the body works

  • On completion of the course you'll receive a  Yoga Alliance 60hrs CPD certification.

Inner Circle.jpg
€49 one to one

Add on a 45' min one-to-one video call or in person session with our trainers to review & guide you on

a) your individual alignment during asana practice 

b) your individual teaching practise exercises

c)your meditation  journey and how to deepen your experience

d) our trainers will set you unique and individual exercises for your personal practise, teaching practise and meditation and pranayama practise so that you can reach your maximum potential.

Copy of Copy of Copy of 48 hour copy 10.png

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

And if you're ready to step up to the mat as a yoga teacher, your journey starts here!

what past students of our 200 hours yoga teacher training course have to say...

Becoming a yoga teacher is a life changing experience. For me, going through this process with BeWell
was much more than a training – it was a journey. I’ve learned so much about myself, about everything
yoga and nonetheless about “walking the talk”, taking yoga off the mat and into daily life, where the
transformation is happening.
During the training I always felt that is not about information, but about transformation. As a BeWell
200 RYT graduate, I confess that yes, I feel ready to teach yoga and support my students in their journey,
both on and off the mat.
The course curricula was full of valuable knowledge – from history of yoga to anatomy, sequencing, how
to build and manage a yoga business, mindset and essential skills for a new teacher. I couldn’t ask for
more from my YTT and I am deeply grateful to be part of the BeWell community.
Thank you Miriam, Giulia, Joseph, Polly, Tahni, Natalie, Maeve and everyone else involved!


( Online Graduate December 2020, Romania)

Fantastic course which really opened my eyes up to the depth of yoga!  I opted for the self paced route which worked really well alongside my other commitments. Miriam was always on hand to answer any questions via email and in the one to one sessions.  She was really understanding of any difficulties that arose due to the pandemic so certainly don't let this put you off.  

(Self Paced Course - Online Graduate June 2020, Birmingham, UK)

I have been practicing Yoga regularly for nearly two years – and enrolled on this course to improve my knowledge and skills relating to Yoga. The online format allowed me to complete this training at a time in which most things are not possible. Initially when I signed up I worried that I would miss out on some of the personal elements of a face to face course. However that was not the case – the daily schedule provided a clear plan for what each day would be like. It also forced me to make time in my week for this course. This meant that rather than a self-paced course I moved through in a structured way working collaboratively with others on the course. In addition there were frequent 1 to 1 sessions with Miriam who provided personalised feedback on both my teaching and technique. Over the four weeks of the course there have been huge improvements in my technique due to the feedback received. Thank you for all your help and support
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

A fantastic instructor, the resources were thoughtful and well prepared and gave both a clear overview and a good specific detail. The 1 to 1 feedback on both technique and teaching allowed me to make rapid progress. I would highly recommend BeWell!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

Thank you so much. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.. thank you for being the person you are, kind, thoughtful encouraging, resilient, patient.. the list goes on but u get the picture. You are amazing at what you do and l was lucky to have found you on my quest to become a yoga teacher. Anyway l think you don’t sit well with too many compliments so l will stop there.. I’m sure our paths will cross again so until then take care.
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Donegal, Jan 2020)

​BeWell's online training course is enjoyable, engaging and full to the brim with information to satisfy the curiosity of budding yoga teachers. Miriam's in-depth knowledge and attention to detail really comes through in the live sessions and course materials. You will leave this course with an excellent foundation in every aspect of yoga, as well as a range of materials to refer to whenever you need them in the future. Miriam has done her utmost to replicate the in-person experience with daily live sessions, 1-to-1s and individualised feedback on teaching practice and alignment. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to train from the comfort of your own home, with an incredible teacher. Miriam is kind, patient and present for all of your questions - I couldn't have asked for a better tutor! If you are considering this course, I highly recommend it! Thank you to Miriam and to BeWell for an amazing yoga journey.

(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)

It was a great experience for me to be in your class, exploring new dimensions of yoga. You conducted this course with very organised way and extensive work within short time. Thank you, you too! Wish you all the best for your personal life and for your business.
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)

Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done on this course! It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, so eye opening and grounding. I’m going to miss it so much! I’ve actually got a friend who has already signed up for your next online course!!! I can’t wait to meet you in ’real’ life soon. Wishing you all the best!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate  from Bristol, May 2020)

Thank you so much for everything! I enjoyed the class as much as it was intense and challenging,
but I really learned a lot and feel like I have improved myself on many levels! Your personality also made it very easy and I appreciate your efforts!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - Germany, May 2020)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing YTT. I've loved it.  So happy to have done it with BeWell. Your passion, your whole ethos and your honesty have made it really special and really practically  useful.. to achieve that online is impressive!  & thanks for all your kind + helpful feedback and encouragement, massively appreciated.  Also actually thank you for encouraging me to do this in the first place - by giving me a really helpful practical answer to how 'good' I needed to be. No bullshit about whether I thought I was ready just a video to practice along with - super helpful! Without that I might not have done it & the last 4 weeks could have been a massive waste and a bit grim on furlough on lockdown. Instead it's honestly been one of the best things I've done, feel very lucky.
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - London, May 2020)

A privilege to train with BeWell Yoga. The training encourages and supports your personal development, strengthens the body, while improving asana practise and posture. A nourishing space for a deep journey into the self, deep within the mind and soul . The facilitator Miriam is a true yogi and a great teacher. She shares her years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that her students walk away with real knowledge, on how to teach yoga safely and professionally to students of all ages and all physical abilities, real yoga teacher training for the real world. Really enjoyed the experience
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Leitrim, Jan 2020)

Can't thank you enough for everything. It's the end of one amazing experience with BeWell Yoga School and the beginning of the next chapter in the new world. Hope to catch up with you again in future when the time is right !
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Kildare, Jan 2020)

I would like to thank you one more time for your time, your effort and guidance through those months of our course. I have learned a lot from you but this is only beginning  of  My journey. Wish you all the best. Namaste (200 Hours YTT Graduate  from
(Leitrim Village Yoga Teacher Training Sept-January 2020)

"I really loved my time on the YTT. The content of the course was enormously engaging, and I learnt a lot about everything from the history of yoga to meditation and pranayama. Most of all, I met a wonderful group of people that will continue to inform how I think about yoga, long after the course finishes."

(Leitrim Village Yoga Teacher Training Sept-January 2020)