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'Unique yoga & wellness plans for UNIQUE individuals' 

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Get yourself a unique yoga, meditation and breath work plan to reach your unique balance, goals and potential...


My name is Miriam -founder of BeWell.


For nearly 8 years now I’ve been teaching Yoga to people from all walks of life.

So many people come to Yoga for so many reasons...


  1. People with injuries

  2. People going for surgery who wish to strengthen up beforehand

  3. People who want to build strength

  4. People who want to build flexibility



  1. People with anxiety, depression

  2. People suffering from grief, infertility, bipolar

  3. People going through difficult patches in life



From an energetic point of view I’ve shared the power of Yoga with

  1. People who feel sluggish, tired, lethargic, demotivated

  2. People who feel frenetic, nervous and burned out


Alongside all of these people there are those who thoroughly enjoy movement, yoga, meditation and breath work and feel this enhances their daily life and helps them to reach their full potential.

Yoga, is the science of life.

Yoga is an ancient set of wellbeing tools carefully designed and passed down from generation to generation.

By using Yoga, one can find absolute balance in their body mind and spirit.

That is to say physical balance, emotional balance and energetic balance.


Indian Sadhu

Historically Yoga was delivered one to one.

Master to student.

Guru to disciple. 

In modern days, a westernised, commercialised one size fits all approach has evolved.

This is a model which helps to keep teachers employed and studio doors open.



This is the equivalent of a doctor deciding on a given day to give all of his or her patients the exact same prescription...regardless of the ailment.

What most people don't know is that by practising the 'wrong' movements and breath work techniques you can move further away from your unique version of 'balance'.


Unique yoga solutions for unique people

Maternity Yoga Online from Home

how it works

Step 1

Complete an in depth confidential questionnaire online so that we can best understand your physical, emotional and energetic needs coupled with your unique goals.

Step 2

We create a unique 4xWeek Cloud Yoga Plan for you to follow based on your needs and goals. Cloud Yoga plans can be created for absolute beginners through to advanced Yogis. Yoga is for everyone!

Step 3

Use our training platform to familarise yourself with postures and unique adaptations of postures for your unique physical needs. Once you are familiar with your postures you are ready to go!

Step 4

Your unique practise plans are delivered in the form of MP3 recordings. Pop in your wireless headphones and begin your session.

Step 5

Check in weekly with your BeWell Cloud Couch via one to one video chat, email or general Q&A group sessions

Our 200hrs BeWell Yoga Teacher Training takes you on a journey into yourself, one that we all had to go on too. This journey helps you awaken the teacher within and strengthens your knowledge and understanding of yoga and the business of yoga so that you can confidently and authoritatively share your passion with others, from a place of understanding, awareness, and certified competency. 


If you’ve been saying to yourself:


❌  I don’t know where to start

❌  I don’t have the time to do a yoga teacher training

❌  I’m not sure I’m good enough to be a teacher


Then you’re not alone. Many of our students feel this way when they start out. We’ve been there too! And that’s why we’ve created a flexible yoga teacher training that fits around your schedule, and provides you with all the tools you need to be an INCREDIBLE teacher!


Our online or in person training is for everybody and literally any body with:


✅ A passion for sharing yoga and wellness

✅ A willingness to try something new

✅ A curiosity to take their practice deeper

✅ Access to a laptop, phone or any other type of electronic device that connects to the internet

⁠🌸 Get Started Today

From the moment you book onto the course, you can enjoy access to materials...even if you wish to start during Summer!

🌸 Online since March 2020

We were one of the first schools internationally to go online in March 2020 with our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program. This is because our lead trainer worked previously within online digital education solutions for training within global corporations. As a result, we knew how to get online fast and deliver an impactful course from the get go.

Since then, we have continuously integrated improvements into our course after every round of live session delivery. Following 9 rounds of delivering our online course and integrating improvements, it's safe the online aspects of our course is one of the most mature and evolved online Yoga Teacher Training out there.


⁠🎧 Walk & Listen

We understand digital fatigue is a real issue. We also understand the importance of spending time in nature and getting fresh air. That's why we are the first online Yoga Teacher Training School to give you the option of reading your texts or instead listening to Podcasts for a large segments of your theory-work. Why not get your steps and some fresh air in as you progress through the course? Remember, you saw it here first 🌱

🌸 Ongoing Access

Enjoy ongoing access to the training portal even when the course has finished. So, when you finish the course you can go back and really relish in  the sessions anytime!

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Alignment)

You can be guaranteed you will leave the course with a clear overview of your unique alignment in postures. We video review each of your postures and sit with you one to one to discuss safety or alignment topics specific to your body and your practise as a student of Yoga. This service proved so popular with our online yoga teacher trainees that we are now offering it also to our in person teacher trainees also!

🌸 One to One Unique & Individual Video Review (Teaching Practise)

We have a sliding scale of what we look at in terms of your teaching practise development. Some people will need support with confidence. Others will need support with how they energetically deliver their teaching.

Either way we review your unique style of teaching and sit with you one to one to discuss where you are and what unique and individual goalposts you can work towards to reach your potential. 

This service proved so popular with our online yoga teacher trainees that we are now offering it also to our in person teacher trainees also!

🌸 One to One Unique Discussion & Review (Meditation)

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, we periodically discuss with you one to one what is happening for you in your meditation and ensure you have the unique tools you need for your experience. We do not apply 'blanket instructions' regarding meditation to the group.

Instead, we give you unique goalposts as per where you are. As a result, all of our Yoga Teacher Trainees experience a deepening in their meditation experience.

🌸 Graduate Community

Your journey as a Yoga Teacher does not end after your course. Upon graduation enjoy access to the BeWell Yoga Inner Circle (Graduate Group) where we enjoy ongoing periodic training workshops, camaraderie and explore monthly online ceremony together.