Week 1 - my first Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This post was written by our teacher trainee and wellness blogger, Kendall who has just completed her first week of our self-paced online Yoga Teacher Training. We hope that her insights will give you a feel for the course and what it might involve. If you would like to discuss the course in more detail with us, we'd love to hear from you! Set up a discovery call, or learn more about our online YTT

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Week 1

And just like that, week one of my online Yoga Teacher Training is complete! I can't believe it's only been one week. The amount that I have learned, grown, and done in the first part of this course honestly makes it feel like it has been much longer.

Nonetheless, here I am, a quarter of the way through my Yoga Teacher Training with BeWell. Ready to share my ups and downs with you all!

Read on to find out how it differs from my expectations, things that I have found hard, things that I have thoroughly enjoyed and just an overall view on how this past week has been.

Was it what I expected?

Thinking about it now, I don’t really know what I expected. I knew it would be full-on and quite intense, but it has definitely been more overwhelming than I was expecting, but in a good way. I feel I have been truly engulfed by the course, well and truly thrown into the deep end.

I mean this in the way that there is so much information that I never knew before. I've found myself reading up and learning more about areas of yoga that I never even knew existed. I find that I need to read something a few times or look into it a bit more before it fully sinks it.

Learning something new: a process

So far the course has been a process of growth, where I am learning more about both yoga and myself.

I have noticed in this first week that I am more aware of certain doubts or worries about my own ability. These are some of them:

Trying to remember everything

It is tricky to remember everything that I have learnt in the past week. From meditation styles to postures, it is a lot to take in. I frustrate myself further by telling myself I should know it all off by heart now. The one thing I do need to remember is that it takes time and by putting the lessons into practice I will slowly become more and more familiar with them.

Feeling like a beginner

There have been moments where I question myself about becoming a teacher. I started yoga over 3 years ago now and here I am, one week in, feeling like a complete and absolute beginner.

When things don’t click straight away

I'm one of those people that just expects to learn something and it clicks. I really don’t know why because that is never the case. More so, I need to learn something, go away and let it sink in, then put it into practice for a while before I'm even close to getting it. This course has emphasised that. Especially when it comes to things like meditation. I can read about and understand different styles, but actually doing them is a whole other battle.

At the end of each week, I have a one-to-one with Miriam, my mentor. We use this time to go through the week, any assignments and my teaching practise videos. I don't know why but I was super nervous about my first one, of course I know, nobody is going to be perfect one week in but the doubt started kicking in.

It was so useful to me and really helped me overcome these feelings by learning that a lot of these thoughts are exactly that: thoughts. Even though I know it really, I was relieved to hear that I'm not the only one that feels this way and that what I had been doing, my videos etc. were all on the right track. I finished my one-to-one feeling like a new, confident teacher trainee ready and raring to get into week 2!

yoga teacher training online

Things I have noticed an improvement in

Along with the struggles, there have been a few great personal positives I have discovered this week:

An increase in my productivity

The main thing I have noticed since starting the course is the change to my productivity. I feel like a new person. Now, I'm quite a productive person anyway, most of the time, but of course, over the last few months of lockdown, I didn’t have much work or much to do at all and so it got really easy to just do nothing. I would even say I enjoyed it! However, I found that a few days into the course, I was so motivated. I was creating to-do lists, I was waking up earlier, I felt refreshed!

Whether that is to do with the meditation, daily practice, daily breathing exercises or just the course on a whole, I'm not sure. But it feels so good! I will definitely keep certain aspects of the routine in my life once the course is finished.


I feel more confident. And only ever so slightly. But part of the first week is to practise teaching on people at home. Something that I dreaded. I know, how would I be a teacher? That's what I was thinking! I think I just overthink things and let my mind take over when I’m feeling anxious. Fast forward to the end of week 1, I was barely bothered by it. Nobody is perfect when they first start, nobody knows it all and especially not me. I had to bring myself to accept this and once I did, it was fun.

Ability to still the mind

Before you get the wrong idea, I have NOT learnt how to still my mind. It still goes crazy the majority of the time. I have, however, noticed little points of stillness, points of presence in my mind. Even if it is just for a moment here and there, I welcome it and look forward to spending more time being present.

In preparation for week two

Reflecting on the week has helped me pinpoint things I want to spend more time focusing on for week two.