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Week 2 Of My YTT: Learning About Myself

This post was written by our teacher trainee and wellness blogger, Kendall who has just completed her second week of our self-paced online Yoga Teacher Training. We hope that her insights will give you a feel for the course and what it might involve. If you would like to discuss the course in more detail with us, we'd love to hear from you! Set up a discovery call, or learn more about our online YTT

Juggling work, life, and the online YTT

I'm halfway through my yoga teacher training with BeWell - it’s hard to believe! This week has been a little crazy, work has got a little busy (after having none for months) and so I am juggling multiple responsibilities right now. For anyone that is thinking of doing this course self-paced and online around their life (like me), I hope that this post can give you a better idea of how it would work.

So in all honesty, this week I have been a little non-stop - but seriously never felt more motivated and ready for life.

I am thoroughly loving the course, learning more about yoga and the principles that are associated with it. I’m learning more about myself and the way my body, mind and soul works. I'm feeling more in control of myself than I have ever felt before. It is empowering!

If anyone out there is like me, when you think of a yoga teacher training, you think of all the new things you will learn. About postures. Styles. Anatomy. How to teach someone... But one thing I didn’t realise would be so prominent is all the things I am learning about myself!

By taking a deep dive into different styles and concepts, you are encouraged to deep dive into yourself...looking into ways that you incorporate different lifestyles or habits, or how you could, why you would, even.

I decided to take a step back over this weekend to reflect on myself and on how I want to live going forward.

What I have learnt about myself (so far)

A big self-doubter

I doubt myself. A lot. About stupid things too. I noticed this a lot this week when it comes to completing written exercises and teaching practice. I found myself making excuses and thinking “I'll do that part later”, for some reason, convincing myself that I couldn’t do it, or I didn’t know what to do.

It was about 4 days into this week when it hit me. Why don’t I trust myself? So I had a few days work to catch up on and very nearly let it stress me out. But, using some of the techniques I had learnt about on my yoga teacher training course, I took a deep breath (or 10) and just got on with it. I knew what I was doing, I just had to remind myself of that.

As my YTT goes on I am learning more and more ways to practise mindfulness, ways to turn within before letting things get to me, before reacting or having negative thoughts take over. I have noticed such a change in the way I deal with my emotions and feelings and I'm only 2 weeks in!

I don’t listen to my body

I have had a few wrist issues for a while and it was only after Miriam (The BeWell YTT head trainer) brought it up in my first one-to-one feedback session that I thought maybe I should take it easy. I get so carried away and just push past pain but I need to work on noticing it and listening to my body, giving it the rest and care it is asking for.

I have just always found pain so frustrating because I love being active and staying busy and feel it holds me back. In actual fact, that is not the case at all. If anything, it is most likely just trying to get me to calm down and not overdo it (I will learn one day!).

While these are a few things I have reflected on and noticed more about myself over this week, I am starting to feel more positive not only on my outlook of life but within my own space.

I am noticing more and more the positivity within me, the way I handle things. I have enjoyed thinking back to how I would’ve dealt with stresses a few years ago compared to where I am now. I feel much calmer, a stillness inside of me. And no, not all the time. But more and more often, I just feel at peace.

For Week 3

One thing I want to do for the next 2 weeks - that I wish I had done from the beginning - is keep a personal journal. I want to make notes each day on how I am feeling, how I found that specific day, any struggles, good moments, just anything that stands out.

I can't believe I haven't brought this up sooner, but I have also found a new love for Yin Yoga. My personal week 3 aim is to explore Yin a little further, through my own practice. I have already come a long way since week 1 in my Yin practice. I'm a little bit scatty and always on the move so I struggled with being still and enjoying the postures. This week I gave in and truly let time and gravity take over. It released a new sense of relaxed that I hadn't felt before, so excited to see where this next week takes me!

Is anyone considering doing an online Yoga Teacher Training? If there are any areas of things in specific you are interested to find out more about, let us know and I'd love to do a post on it to help others - Kendall :)



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