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200 HRS
nov 2023



Monday 14th Nov - Wednesday 23rd Nov

Join us for 10xDays & 10nights of

Winter Sun, Beach, Yoga and Deep Ritual

at Morocco's Surf Mecca

- Tagahzout -


Enjoy a buzzing surf village with sandy beaches nestled between the Atlantic ocean and the Atlas Mountains. We cannot wait to host you at our beachside, winter sun playground - Taghazout.

A jewel in the crown of Morocco.​​​​


We'd like to invite you on a journey.

a journey to morocco.

A journey back to your wellness.

An adventure of movement, breath and ancient wisdom. 

Our mission is to shine a light on and unravel the stresses and blockages that daily life has created unbeknownst to you, and lead you back to your magic.



  • The 1st Eco-resort in Morocco

  • 340 days of sun

  • Fresh & organic food

  • Surrounded by the best moroccan surf spots

  • An eco-spa with local products

  • A wide range of suites to suit your needs

  • Breathtaking sunsets

  • Ranked Best Yoga Resort for four years in a row

  • Outdoor adventures and activities

  • Gorgeous beaches along the coastline

About us
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 15.09.15.png

We understand that embarking on your Yoga Teacher Training Journey is a once in a lifetime experience.

It's not often one can take so much time out of work, out of the daily grind, away from family and away from the day to day responsibilities of life. Not to mention taking a 'holiday' alone rather than with loved ones...

Our goal is to simplify the delivery of our Yoga Teacher Training in such a way that you can enjoy the destination  have time to explore and discover the island and perhaps even bring along a loved one to enjoy your downtime with...

Gone are the days of 3.5week Yoga Teacher Trainings with 7am-7pm timetables.

Following the pandemic and the new permissions to deliver elements of Yoga Teacher Training courses online, there's so much that can be done online very effectively.

Our graduates will tell you our courses are pretty intense. It's not possible to skim through any element....

But we do ensure your in-person experience has just the right balance so that your In Person Teacher Training days, particular if at a destination  feel much like a luscious retreat or yoga holiday. Just the right balance...

We do our best (within reason and where possible!) to move beyond classroom delivery of textbook materials, and carry the understanding and discovery of Yoga philosophy and other key topics into local, memorable experiences around the venue and areas.


Be guaranteed that your Yoga Teacher Training course  with us will prove to be a deep and meaningful discovery of yourself and the hidden gems of Morocco.

RoofTop_ParadisPlage2019©fabricecoiffard-8 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 15.09.44.png




Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 15.08.48.png

This YTT experience is all about its exotic, and alluring luxury venue...

We are beyond excited to partner with a stunningly luxurious 4 star spa hotel located on it's private beachfront at Taghazout. Together with our partner venue we look forward  to deliver an experience like no other when it comes to Yoga Teacher Training.


Paradis Plage is a dreamy paradise nestled between the Atlas Mountains and a stunning sandy beach that extends for kilometres.

As the first Ecoresort in Morocco, Paradis Plage is a reference and a pioneer in providing sustainable holidays with an eco-friendly approach.

Located just a few kilometres North of Agadir, this peaceful haven far from the hustle-and-bustle of the city, grants a relaxing beach holiday where you will be able to enjoy plenty of activities like yoga and surf or a calming massage in the unique eco-spa.

This true surfer’s paradise is also close to some of the best world surf spots at just a few minutes drive.

3 hectares of tropical gardens right on the beach to “Liberate your senses”.

Allow the following video take you there to our stunning location...


Enjoy Luxury - without the accommodation price-tag.


Something very unique about our 10xIn Person Yoga Teacher Training Course @ Tagazout, Morocco is that the  accommodation  you choose is totally up to you.


Perhaps you might like to stay at our partner venue enjoying 5* luxury, and access to all areas

(Offer Details Below)

Come alone and enjoy a Junior Suite for single Use.

Bring your partner or friend with you to enjoy luxury evenings together...


Or it might be the case that you prefer another style of accommodation outside of our partner venue.

Choose that and then join us to enjoy some of the  the luxuries of the venue together during our course days....



Our courses tend to attract young professionals, established individuals and wellbeing seekers who are not drawn to the 'live in' style of course or retreat at a more remote natural venue.

This mechanic gives you the freedom and flexibility to attend our course during the daytime and enjoy your free time in the company of your own friends or family. Or perhaps new friends you have discovered at the Teacher Training course. Or perhaps, like many, you may wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own company

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 13.03.25.png
  • Lead Trainer & Owner - BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS Accredited Yoga Alliance 200Hours Training School)

  • Proprietor of BeWell Holistic Center in Longford, Ireland

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT500/YACEP) - Yoga Alliance 

  • 10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

  • 6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

  • 1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

  • Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

  • Fluent in English speaks Italian and Spanish 

Miriam O' Reilly 

BeWell - Owner and Lead Trainer 

BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School

I began my wellness journey over 10 years ago  in Lake Como, Italy and lived there for about 8 years also.

My wellness journey has taken me on training courses and retreats in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali in search of learning ancient Wellness skills rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Sound Healing.

I qualified as an internationally recognised RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in January 2015 having studied intensively in Ubud, Bali.


I spent some time offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons in and around Lake Como, Milan and Ticino, Switzerland before moving back to Ireland in Summer 2019 to focus on BeWell-Ireland and BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School.

Since then I have delivered the BeWell Yoga Teacher Training program 12 Times to over 120 Yoga Teacher Trainees from all over the world.  It's been delivered 100% in person, 100% online and most recently in a Hybrid mechanic with some in person elements and some online elements.


BeWell Longford (our brick and mortar Yoga Studio/Holistic Center) opened it's doors in September 2021. We are so excited to have our own headquarters where we can serve the local community with Yoga, Pilates and Holistic treatments.

Operating a Yoga Studio/Holistic centre further supports the strength and quality of our teacher training programs. We understand the real world daily and weekly needs of the clients and the community and have built out a solid financial model so that the needs of the community are being met as are the financial needs of the business. This sets us apart enormously from  YTT courses provided by other schools who do not operate as actual studios. Not only so we understand the real life needs of the future client of our teacher training graduates, we work with them continuously.


My passion is empowering people on their personal journey to Wellbeing and coaching people on daily habits and practises to help them reach their highest potential. 

Fuerteventura is very special to me having spent a number of memorable holidays here brushing up on Spanish , surfing, enjoying Yoga by the beach and being entertained by extremely talented resident musicians...

I cannot wait to share this experience with you at our stunning, one of a kind Luxury venue.


Emma Sheridan 


Founder: @Luuna.Collective

ERYT® 500


Emma started a yoga practice in 2008 while living a fast paced London life that was mostly frustrating, overwhelming and uninspiring! 'Yoga gave me a rare chance to slow down, become introspective and connect to my body in a way I had never experienced before.'

Over time the practice taught Emma how to have easier and steadier access to presence, awareness, intuition and self-connection. It sparked an inner shift that made her happier, more peaceful, and more in touch with the love and wisdom at each of our core.

With a dream to live a healthy, purpose-filled life in service of something bigger, she packed up her London life and embarked on her first teacher training in 2010 with Absolute Yoga in Thailand.

Since then, it has been a journey of continuous learning and growth as she expands her understanding of this age old practice. Emma completed my advanced teacher training with highly regarded international teachers Julie Martin and Emil Wendell in India in 2014, and has accumulated over 1000 hrs of training in total. She has spent years on a deeply rich and rewarding Yoga adventure, exploring various lineages and methodologies, and will always remain a student of this ever evolving practice. Emma draws from current research, somatic meditation, tantric yoga philosophy, and the many inspirational teachers, guides and mentors she has met along the way, in the hope she can offer meaningful learning experiences to her students.


Emma has led groups on retreats to the most beautiful and exotic destinations, shared classes in rustic Yoga shalas in India, ran workshops in slick studios in South East Asia, and trained and mentored teachers from every corner of the globe. Not only has she experienced first-hand the transformative power of this practice, but again and again she have witnessed people from all walks of life move beyond their limitations and spark a change that leads to more compassionate, awake and connected humans. 'This is the real reason why I love what I do and why I want to share it with you!'

Göbl Energy profile image 1.jpg


Aisling Gobl


RYT® 200

Originally trained as a Dance Teacher with the International Dance Teacher’s Association, Aisling's love of everything movement has led her to train as a Yoga Teacher with BeWell. Aisling is also a qualified Personal Trainer and a Practitioner Life Coach with Neuroscience.

A Longford native currently based in Paphos, Cyprus, Aisling incorporates the entire being in her wholes system approach to health and wellness whether in-person or online.


Through her teaching, Aisling encourages the cultivation of communication with ourselves and the creation of space so we can really listen in any given moment.


'As humans we are constantly changing and so too are our needs and wants – by the continuous practice of listening we can truly support ourselves as we continue to move through life.' - Aisling

Aisling joins the BeWell Yoga Teacher Training Team for our Tuesday evening Online Study Group Sessions and looks forward to guiding the group through the theoretical elements of our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program such as Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Energetic Systems.


50+ Hours Delivered in Person @ Taghazout Nov 13h -Nov 22nd 2023

150 Hours studied online using our online study platform + Optional Tuesday evening online study group - lead by a trainer.

From the moment of your booking with BeWell, you will always be under the guidance of our lead trainer Miriam to talk you through your options on how you might tailor the course to your needs over the weeks/months of your choice...

Build out your unique and individual plan liaising with Miriam.

Get in touch to discover more...


  • Access the BeWell Yoga Teacher Training Platform upon your booking in advance of the Taghazout In Person training dates. You might choose to begin already and navigate some digital elements independently (if you prefer a self-learning style)

  • Access the training platform upon your booking in advance of the Taghazout dates and join our Sept 2023-Jan 2024 Optional Online Study Group Sessions (dates below) - (if you prefer a group learning style)

  • Prefer to take it easy? Join us in Taghazout in Nov 2023. Pick your way through bits and bobs of the online training platform under Miriam's guidance and then hop into our Feb - June 2024 study group...taking the full year to navigate the course...

It's all up to you, your schedule and the unique training plan you build out with Miriam.

The Optional Study Group

Join our optional study group which supports you in navigating the online materials/online training platform. Our study groups meet on Tuesday evenings 18.30-21.30pm and are a blend of theory, meditation and discussion (no movement or practise teaching involved)

Autumn/Winter Optional Study Group Dates

  • 22nd August  18.30 -21.30pm 

  • 19th Sept 18.30 -21.30pm 

  • Oct  10th  18.30 -21.30pm

  • Oct 24th 18.30 -21.30pm

  • Nov 7th 18.30 -21.30pm

  • Nov 21st 18.30 -21.30pm

  • Dec 5th 18.30 -21.30pm

  • Dec 19th 18.30 -21.30pm

  • Jan 9th 2024 18.30 -21.30pm

enjoying your stay

Having run our courses before we understand that not everyone wants to be cooped up in the training centre from dawn to dusk practising yoga. Particularly if you have travelled from far and wide and want to get out, explore and make a holiday out of it!

Our in person training element takes that into consideration.

Having delivered the course multiple times over both 100% In Person, 100% online and now Hybrid - we are masters of efficiency.

You will be training at the centre for approximately 5 hours per day (12.00-17.00pm approx)

Full focus, attendance and attention is required for these sessions.

Further to that we will organise

  • optional outdoor morning Yoga Sessions (contingent on weather)

  • optional outdoor evening meditations/ceremony (contingent on weather)

Afterall, our entire course is on the Digital Teacher Training platform. Why spend hours pouring over theory work you could do when you get home...when you could be learning how to surf under the sun...or trekking through a palm tree filled Paradise Valley getting ready to jump into waterfalls with like minded people...

We asked. We heard. We integrated!

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 15.30.10.png
bewell edits_-44.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 14.50.50.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 14.51.04.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 14.51.11.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 14.50.58.png






  • 10 x days in person training Luxury venue in Tagahzout, Morocco (50+ Hours Training)

  • 10 nights stay in Junior Suite for Single Use 

  • Breakfast Buffet style each morning

  • Access all areas - swimming pools, private beach, bars & restaurants

  • 1xAccess Pass to Luxury Spa @ on day of choice

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course  - Yoga Alliance Accredited

  • Evergreen (lifetime) access to Bewell Yoga Teacher Training Online Portal

  • 4x one to one  45min feedback sessions with trainers on individual progress via Zoom

  • Join Autumn Winter 2023 Optional Study Group of Spring Summer 2024 Study Group (25+ Hours via Zoom)

  • Access to 6months of Monday 20.30pm-21.30pm Yin Yoga Sessions - Zoom into BeWell studio live








  • 10 x days in person training @ Luxury venue in Tagahzout Morocco 50+ Hours) for 1xPerson

  • 10 nights stay in JuniorSuite -2 persons

  • Breakfast Buffet style each morning of stay -2 persons

  • Access all areas - swimming pools, private beach, bars & restaurants - 2 persons

  • 1xAccess Pass to Luxury Spa @ on day of choice - 2 persons

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course  - Yoga Alliance Accredited -1xPerson

  • Evergreen (lifetime) access to Bewell Yoga Teacher Training Online Portal 1xPerson

  • 4x one to one  45min feedback sessions with trainers on individual progress via Zoom 1xPerson

  • Join Spring Summer 2024 or Autumn Winter 2023 Optional Study Group (25+ Hours) 1xPerson

  • Access to 6months of Monday 20.30pm-21.30pm Yin Yoga Sessions - Zoom into studio live 1xPerson

INVESTMENT:​ € 3184.99







  • 10 x days in person training @ Luxury venue in Taghazout, Morocco (50+ Hours) for 2 persons

  • 10nights stay in JuniorSuite for Single Use - for 2 persons

  • Breakfast Buffet style each morning for 2 persons

  • Access all areas - swimming pools, private beach, bars & restaurants for 2 persons

  • 1xAccess Pass to Luxury Spa @ on day of choice for 2 persons

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course  - Yoga Alliance Accredited for 2 persons

  • Evergreen (lifetime) access to Bewell Yoga Teacher Training Online Portal for 2 persons

  • 4x one to one  45min feedback sessions with trainers on individual progress via Zoom for 2 persons

  • Join Spring Summer 2024 or Autumn Winter 2023 Optional Study Group (25+ Hours) for 2 persons

  • Access to 6months of Monday 20.30pm-21.30pm Yin Yoga Sessions - Zoom into studio live for 2 persons








  • 10 x days in person training @ Luxury venue in Taghazout, Morocco (50+ Hours) for 3 persons

  • 10nights stay in JuniorSuite for Single Use - for 3 persons

  • Breakfast Buffet style each morning for 3 persons

  • Access all areas - swimming pools, private beach, bars & restaurants for 3 persons

  • 1xAccess Pass to Luxury Spa @ on day of choice for 3 persons

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course  - Yoga Alliance Accredited for 3 persons

  • Evergreen (lifetime) access to Bewell Yoga Teacher Training Online Portal for 3 persons

  • 4x one to one  45min feedback sessions with trainers on individual progress via Zoom for 3 persons

  • Join Spring Summer 2024 or Autumn Winter 2023 Optional Study Group (25+ Hours) for 3 persons

  • Access to 6months of Monday 20.30pm-21.30pm Yin Yoga Sessions - Zoom into studio live for 3 persons





  • 10 x days in person training @ Luxury venue in Taghazout, Morocco (50+ Hours) for 1 person

  • Breakfast Buffet style 7.30am-11.00am @ Luxury Venue on course days for 1 person

  • Access to bars & restaurants at Luxury venue for 1 person

  • 1xAccess Pass to Luxury Spa @ on day of choice for 1 person

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course  - Yoga Alliance Accredited for 1 person

  • Evergreen (lifetime) access to Bewell Yoga Teacher Training Online Portal for 1 person

  • 4x one to one  45min feedback sessions with trainers on individual progress via Zoom for 1 person

  • Join Spring Summer 2024 or Autumn Winter 2023 Optional Study Group (25+ Hours) for 1 person

  • Access to 6months of Monday 20.30pm-21.30pm Yin Yoga Sessions - Zoom into studio live for 1 person



Payment Plans are available

Build out other room options available

Enquire on

Cancellable with 85% refund up to 10th Oct 2023

100% Non Cancellable refund thereafter


*Flights are not included

*Airport transfer not included

*Optional excursions not included

*Lunch and Dinner not included

*Rates and availability are not guaranteed and subject to availability at the time of booking 

*Booking Deadline strictly Oct 11th 2023

*Courses run subject to min booking level - should courses not reach min booking level this will be communicated on Oct 12th 2023

*In the event of a course not proceeding due to not reaching min booking levels BeWell will partially refund clients opting for Course+Accomodation @ Partner Venue the total course fee amount *1999. The client can then opt to either keep or cancel their luxury accommodation booking @ the venue before OCT 13th 2023 without any cancellation fee.

*In the event of a course not proceeding BeWell is not responsible for flight cancellation/change fees nor accommodation cancellation fees incurred by guests fees of the partner venue

*Bewell highly recommends clients either a) book 100% refundable accommodation and flexi flights or b)opt to stay in Morocco for a holiday in the possible event that the course does not reach the minimum  booking levels.

Image by Louis Hansel
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Toa Heftiba




If you wish, BeWell can organise your transfer - DRIVER @ AIRPORT DIRECT TO ACCOMODATION. 


Becoming a yoga teacher is a life changing experience. For me, going through this process with BeWell
was much more than a training – it was a journey. I’ve learned so much about myself, about everything
yoga and nonetheless about “walking the talk”, taking yoga off the mat and into daily life, where the
transformation is happening.
During the training I always felt that is not about information, but about transformation. As a BeWell
200 RYT graduate, I confess that yes, I feel ready to teach yoga and support my students in their journey,
both on and off the mat.
The course curricula was full of valuable knowledge – from history of yoga to anatomy, sequencing, how
to build and manage a yoga business, mindset and essential skills for a new teacher. I couldn’t ask for
more from my YTT and I am deeply grateful to be part of the BeWell community.
Thank you Miriam, Giulia, Joseph, Polly, Tahni, Natalie, Maeve and everyone else involved!

( Online Graduate December 2020, Romania)

Fantastic course which really opened my eyes up to the depth of yoga!  I opted for the self paced route which worked really well alongside my other commitments. Miriam was always on hand to answer any questions via email and in the one to one sessions.  She was really understanding of any difficulties that arose due to the pandemic so certainly don't let this put you off.  

(Self Paced Course - Online Graduate June 2020, Birmingham, UK)

I have been practicing Yoga regularly for nearly two years – and enrolled on this course to improve my knowledge and skills relating to Yoga. The online format allowed me to complete this training at a time in which most things are not possible. Initially when I signed up I worried that I would miss out on some of the personal elements of a face to face course. However that was not the case – the daily schedule provided a clear plan for what each day would be like. It also forced me to make time in my week for this course. This meant that rather than a self-paced course I moved through in a structured way working collaboratively with others on the course. In addition there were frequent 1 to 1 sessions with Miriam who provided personalised feedback on both my teaching and technique. Over the four weeks of the course there have been huge improvements in my technique due to the feedback received. Thank you for all your help and support
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

A fantastic instructor, the resources were thoughtful and well prepared and gave both a clear overview and a good specific detail. The 1 to 1 feedback on both technique and teaching allowed me to make rapid progress. I would highly recommend BeWell!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - United Kingdom, May 2020)

Thank you so much. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.. thank you for being the person you are, kind, thoughtful encouraging, resilient, patient.. the list goes on but u get the picture. You are amazing at what you do and l was lucky to have found you on my quest to become a yoga teacher. Anyway l think you don’t sit well with too many compliments so l will stop there.. I’m sure our paths will cross again so until then take care.
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Donegal, Jan 2020)

​BeWell's online training course is enjoyable, engaging and full to the brim with information to satisfy the curiosity of budding yoga teachers. Miriam's in-depth knowledge and attention to detail really comes through in the live sessions and course materials. You will leave this course with an excellent foundation in every aspect of yoga, as well as a range of materials to refer to whenever you need them in the future. Miriam has done her utmost to replicate the in-person experience with daily live sessions, 1-to-1s and individualised feedback on teaching practice and alignment. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to train from the comfort of your own home, with an incredible teacher. Miriam is kind, patient and present for all of your questions - I couldn't have asked for a better tutor! If you are considering this course, I highly recommend it! Thank you to Miriam and to BeWell for an amazing yoga journey.

(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)

It was a great experience for me to be in your class, exploring new dimensions of yoga. You conducted this course with very organised way and extensive work within short time. Thank you, you too! Wish you all the best for your personal life and for your business.
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate from Dublin, May 2020)


Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done on this course! It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, so eye opening and grounding. I’m going to miss it so much! I’ve actually got a friend who has already signed up for your next online course!!! I can’t wait to meet you in ’real’ life soon. Wishing you all the best!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate  from Bristol, May 2020)


Thank you so much for everything! I enjoyed the class as much as it was intense and challenging,
but I really learned a lot and feel like I have improved myself on many levels! Your personality also made it very easy and I appreciate your efforts!
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - Germany, May 2020)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing YTT. I've loved it.  So happy to have done it with BeWell. Your passion, your whole ethos and your honesty have made it really special and really practically  useful.. to achieve that online is impressive!  & thanks for all your kind + helpful feedback and encouragement, massively appreciated.  Also actually thank you for encouraging me to do this in the first place - by giving me a really helpful practical answer to how 'good' I needed to be. No bullshit about whether I thought I was ready just a video to practice along with - super helpful! Without that I might not have done it & the last 4 weeks could have been a massive waste and a bit grim on furlough on lockdown. Instead it's honestly been one of the best things I've done, feel very lucky.
(Online 200 Hours YTT Graduate - London, May 2020)

A privilege to train with BeWell Yoga. The training encourages and supports your personal development, strengthens the body, while improving asana practise and posture. A nourishing space for a deep journey into the self, deep within the mind and soul . The facilitator Miriam is a true yogi and a great teacher. She shares her years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that her students walk away with real knowledge, on how to teach yoga safely and professionally to students of all ages and all physical abilities, real yoga teacher training for the real world. Really enjoyed the experience
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Leitrim, Jan 2020)

Can't thank you enough for everything. It's the end of one amazing experience with BeWell Yoga School and the beginning of the next chapter in the new world. Hope to catch up with you again in future when the time is right !
(200 Hours YTT Graduate from Kildare, Jan 2020)

I would like to thank you one more time for your time, your effort and guidance through those months of our course. I have learned a lot from you but this is only beginning  of  My journey. Wish you all the best. Namaste (200 Hours YTT Graduate  from (Leitrim Village Yoga Teacher Training Sept-January 2020)

"I really loved my time on the YTT. The content of the course was enormously engaging, and I learnt a lot about everything from the history of yoga to meditation and pranayama. Most of all, I met a wonderful group of people that will continue to inform how I think about yoga, long after the course finishes."

(Leitrim Village Yoga Teacher Training Sept-January 2020)



We have a jam packed digital brochure full of all the information you need to check out if BeWell is a good fit for you.
With over 40+ pages of FAQs and in depth information, we invite you to prepare yourself a tea, coffee or cacao , kick back and enjoy the read...

Download the 2023 Brochure
on the following link


We understand that choosing your 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is a big decision.
That's why we offer complimentary discovery calls.
Book a discovery call with Miriam via phone or Zoom.
Get in touch on or +353 85 285 5041


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