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Single Yoga Sessions €7

Workshops €10+

Tuesday SEPT 1st
9.30 - 10.30am    Power Vinyasa Flow with Trish
18.30 - 19.30pM    Power Vinyasa Flow with Trish
Saturday Sept 5th
10.00 - 11.00aM    The Inverted practise with Giulia (Strong Class)
Tuesday SEPT 8th
9.30 - 10.30am    Power Vinyasa Flow with Trish
WEDNESDAY sept 9th
18.30 - 19.30pM    Power Vinyasa Flow with Trish
FRiday sept 11th
07.00 - 07.50am    Friday Flow with Polly
SUNDAY Sept 13th
17.30-18.30pm   The Sunday Slay Power Flow  with Tahni
MONDAY Sept 14th
19.00 - 18.00pM    Yin & Yang Yoga stretch with Polly
Tuesday Sept 15th
18.30 - 19.30pM    Vinyasa Flow with Polly
20.00 - 21.10pM    Yin Yoga with Polly
Saturday Sept 19th
10.00 - 11.00aM    Yoga for Core with Giulia (Strong Class)
SUNDAY Sept 20th
17.30-18.30pm   The Sunday Slay Power Flow  with Tahni
MONDAY Sept 21st
19.00 - 18.00pM    Yin & Yang Yoga stretch with Polly
Tuesday Sept 22nd
18.30 - 19.30pM    Vinyasa Flow with Polly
20.00 - 21.10pM    Yin Yoga with Polly
FRiday sept 25th
07.00 - 07.50am    Friday Flow with Polly
Saturday Sept 26th
10.00 - 11.00aM    Yoga for Hip Opening with Giulia (Strong Class)
SUNDAY Sept 27th
17.30-18.30pm   The Sunday Slay Power Flow  with Tahni
MONDAY Sept 28th
19.00 - 18.00pM    Yin & Yang Yoga stretch with Polly
Tuesday Sept 29th
18.30 - 19.30pM    Vinyasa Flow with Polly
20.00 - 21.10pM    Yin Yoga with Polly




Polly has 10+ years’ experience in the charity sector designing and leading local and national work with a focus around combating loneliness and isolation. Working with older people, with carers and across the youth sector the aim of her work has been to remove barriers in order to help people connect, fulfil potential and live enriched lives.

Polly’s Yoga journey started over 10 years ago and it has played an important role in her life ever since. She deepened her love and knowledge of Yoga when spending time in Nepal in 2019 and went on to train with Bewell (YTT200).

Polly is committed to making Yoga make sense for more people through making classes accessible and creative and teaching with the generosity she learned when training with Bewell. (Her words not ours <3 Thanks Polly!) She particularly enjoys helping people discover or rediscover Yoga.

She is particularly interested in connecting diverse communities of people with the benefits of Yoga and is passionate about taking Yoga into spaces and settings where it’s less commonly found.

Polly is also pursuing Counselling Training. With a passion for Yin Yoga and Embodiment work she is interested in holding space for people on and off the mat; enabling people to understand and accept their bodies and minds more fully in order to live more whole hearted lives.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tahni is a cultural anthropologist, artist, and yogi who currently calls Brussels home. From a young age, movement has been part of her life in varying forms—from gymnastics, to dance, and most recently, yoga, which she has been practicing since 2012. In early 2019, she decided to explore what life would look like if she maintained a daily yoga practice. This commitment helped her discover that daily yoga grounded her both mentally and physically, which inspired her to take on yoga teacher training with BeWell in 2020 so that she could share her practice. She has studied yoga in countless studios around the globe, practicing different styles and learning from many different teachers. 


In addition to teaching challenging classes for strength and advanced postures, Tahni enjoys working one-on-one with new teachers or committed yogis who are seeking to enhance their home practice, build strength, or improve the skills and confidence needed for teaching. She does so by relying on her experience in owning small businesses; mentorship and community facilitation; and methodologies for understanding and acting on human cultural and behavioral insight. 


When she is not teaching yogis or practicing yoga herself, Tahni also works as a professional photographer and human culture and behavior researcher. In her free time she loves to be in the sun near the sea, paint, share food and libations with loved ones, or be around animals. 



Trish has been practising yoga for 15 years and has explored a diverse range of styles with many different teachers. Initially attracted to the physical element of yoga, it was when she decided to go deeper with her own yoga practice by completing her 200-hour teacher training with BeWell, that she says ‘the shift was huge’ from just the physical aspect to something much deeper. The self care, the moral code to guide you on life’s journey, the focus on breath, and quietening the mind to move more into observing your thoughts rather than being your thoughts. She has explored the many layers of yoga and looks forward to sharing her knowledge.


Her style is a dynamic form of vinyasa yoga. Uptempo classes creating heat within the body while connecting breath to movement in a playful and uplifting flow. Expect some tunes! She believes that anybody and quite literally any body can do yoga, and that the breath and mental aspect is as important as the poses themselves.  She advises leaving your ego and any comparisons behind and allowing some playfulness into your practice in a safe welcoming environment.


Her classes invite you to feel what it’s like to stretch deeply, to breathe deeply and for an hour, to be truly present for no-one else but yourself.


With a background in corporate marketing, Trish’s expertise has supported many businesses within the legal sector. When she is not teaching yoga or practising herself, she is kept busy being mum and enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons and dog.


  • Lead Trainer & Owner - BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS Accredited Yoga Alliance 200Hours Training School)

  • Yoga Teacher @

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT200) - Yoga Alliance International 

  • Owner of BeWell-Ireland (  a marketing and booking platform for wellness services in Ireland & beyond (est. 2018)

  • 10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

  • 6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

  • 1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

  • Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

  • Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish 


  • Joseph is a neuromuscular therapist, with 10+ years
    experience in private practice. Joseph is an experienced online educator and a skilled practitioner who offers great insight into the anatomy section of our course.

  • During a sabbatical in India, Joseph's interest in yoga - especially Yin - grew. Now he facilitates myofascial release workshops and trains yoga teachers in anatomy. Joseph has an interest in traditional medicine, men’s work and the power of group circles. Topics will range from the fight /flight nervous systems reaction to pain, gate theory and pathophysiology to the advice he has had from the yoga teachers and healers he has worked with.

  • Joseph calls upon his years of experience to assess posture and movement, educate his clients on specifically what would be of great benefit for them to focus on outside of their sessions. And then working with pressure points, that are holding their over worked muscles into negative patterns of movement.

  • He utilizes simple tools such as foam rollers and tennis balls to empower his workshop attendees to be able to do their own soft tissue release techniques and achieve a positive change in their movement.


Giulia Babolin


500RYT | 200E-RYT | YACEP
Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Aerial, Yin
Level 2 @acroyoga & @partneracrobatics certified


Giulia has been exposed to sport and movement since a very young age. Trading as Giuliacroyoga, Giulia has been practicing yoga and acroyoga since 2014, when she immediately fell in love with the playfulness of acroyoga and the mindfulness of yoga.


Her passion and dedication made her travel the world, exploring different yoga styles, completing three acroyoga teacher trainings and becoming a 500hrs RYT in late 2018. Yoga is for Giulia a true lifestyle, and a way of being that really goes beyond the asana practice; AcroYoga is for her a really powerful discipline that combines strength, body awareness, mutual trust and most importantly, respect for the others and the self.


Certified and trained in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial, Hatha, Yin and AcroYoga, Giulia mostly teaches dynamic styles. Her classes offer a good balance between challenge and softness, with a particular attention on alignment and surely a good dose of sweat.


During her extensive travels in India, South-East Asia, Pacific, Central America and Europe, she had the opportunity to practice and meet yogis and acroyogis from all over the world, enriching her practice and teaching style. Her wish is to continue exploring and learning from different disciplines, schools and inspiring humans. All the while, growing as a yoga and acroyoga teacher and movement practitioner.


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