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Yoga Bolsters

Flower of Life Yoga Bolster

Chances are if you've worked with a bolster at a Yoga class, you've experienced the deep restful and blissful feels of trusting the earth beneath.

Dependant on the style of yoga Bolsters can be used to:

  • facilitate postures otherwise not possible for the practitioner

  • promote lengthening of muscle groups, connective tissues & fascia

  • to prop areas of the body in ways to support or provide cushioning for a deepening of a pose

  • to gently create space in a particular area of the body

If you don't know how to use a bolster why not join our 8.30pm Monday Yin Class in person or via zoom and we will give you lots of ideas to work with for deep R&R in your home practise space. If you purchase a Flower of Life Bolster we'll gift you with a coupon to join one of our Monday night Yin Sessions complimentary (in person or online)

The Flower of Life symbol is rich in history and has been discovered on many ancient relics, rock faces, and monuments around the world.
Civilisations remain fascinated by its meaning.

It's meaning, rooted in sacred geometry has been interpreted as a group of symbols representing 'life' and 'the universe' . Symbols include the seed of life, the egg of life, creation, the flower of life, the tree of life and star shaped detail representing atoms & molecular structures.  

Each symbol holding it's own depth and meaning.
The tree of life for example representing Unity & Love.

This is a powerful symbol steeped in historical interpretation and depth. The symbol is used widely now in modern time in meditative practises.

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 11.38.50.png

1xFlower of Life Yoga Bolster


Item Details

Materials -Cotton Canvas

Symbol -Flower of Life

Colour -Cool Grey
Origin -Made in India

Weight-4200 lb

Size - Standard Yoga Bolster Size

Our shipping costs are calculated per 1x Bolster + Shipping in Ireland. If you would like to order in bulk  (more than 1 bolster) we can re-work the shipping costs for you. You do not need to pay the shipping charge on each bolster when you order in bulk.
Just get in touch on the button below.

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