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Jan 07, 2022
In General Discussions
Customers call tech support hotlines every day trying to find solutions to the issues they encounter using products from personal electronics to appliances to software. The results of these calls are either the building blocks of customer loyalty or the start of the top of a customer relationship. How can your company ensure tech support are some things customers rave about instead of rant about? voice logger is that the single most vital quality assurance tool you'll use to be sure your tech support reps do the proper thing for every customer. Here are four ways voice logging can benefit a tech support department and a whole company. 1. Product Improvement Tech support departments keep track of trends. The same complaint received over and over potentially indicates a big defect within the product. Call loggers allow calls to be tagged with certain words for straightforward retrieval afterward. Software developers can pull the calls, review them for specifics and obtain to figure on an update. Quality assurance reps can pull a product, duplicate the conditions described by the purchasers and verify the malfunction. From there, work begins to fix the problem. Not only can tech support calls reveal defects but they will determine functionality and improve features that customers feel are important. Calls are often flagged or tagged and retrieved at a later date as a part of the merchandise development process.


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